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Wrist Tattoo Ideas

The significance of a wrist tattoo is linked to its location on the body. Wrist tattoos are easily concealed when appropriate and wonderfully displayed when desired. A wrist tattoo has the power to add meaning to the simplest of handshakes and is a popular location for people wishing to be reminded of any one of life's many lessons.

Wrist Tattoo Ideas

These praiseworthy men's tats each have strong meanings, the eye tattoo in particular. A handshake is a sign of trust but when one party has eyeball body art he's watching you.

Which wrist is best for a tattoo?

Men's Wrist Tattoos

The inner wrist of the non-dominant hand, usually the left hand, is the most popular and considered best location for the wrist tattoo. Watch wearers should take into consideration which wrist they prefer their watch on.

Small Wrist Tattoos

Simple Small Stoner Tattoo

Small paws remind of a loved pet and to take life one step at a time. This tidy and simple small pattern also resembles a stoner tattoo. See more small designs.

Are wrist tattoos attractive on women?

Owl Tattoos

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however, the reason a woman gets a wrist tattoo is often to enhance beauty. Whatever the appearance, a wrist tattoo that makes a wearer feel pretty or more confident is successful in being attractive.

An owl quietly staring at the moon symbolizes the waiting of a new dawn, of new light and of course, new hope. This joyful and unique owl figure is a reminder not to lose hope.

Feminine Wrist Tattoos

Three Little Birds Tattoo

Once reserved for burly sailors lovely designs now adorn the flesh of all races, cultures and genders. This ink, for example, resembles the Three Little Birds on a wire tattoo popular with women. Uplifting and encouraging script is also slightly preferred by more women than men.

Rose Wrist Tattoos

Nice Wrist Tattoo For Women

The rose is a symbol of love and passion. When placed on the wrist it adds these qualities to hugs and handshakes. Offering roses to someone you care about is an expression of love.

Simple Wrist Tattoos

Cool Simple Wrist Tattoo

Cool simple body art doesn't always carry deep meaning, sometimes it simply expresses a joyous personality trying to encourage a smile. This power button design is a nice example.

Do wrist tattoos fade?

Faith Hope Love Tattoo

All tattoos fade over time. How much they fade and how long it takes depends largely on body location and exposure to sunlight, the wrist tattoo is no exception. As a general rule areas exposed to sunlight and contact will fade fastest.

Bracelet Wrist Tattoos

Tatouage de Poignet

Tatouage de poignet means wrist tattoo in French and gorgeous bracelets are a staple of French fashion. A lovely bracelet tatouage de poignet is a cheaper alternative to gold jewelry.

How can I cover up my wrist tattoo?

Heart Tattoo

To temporarily cover your wrist tattoo wear a watch or bracelet over the design. You can also wear a long sleeve shirt that covers your wrist. If that doesn't work try concealing makup or consider laser tattoo removal.

Flower Wrist Tattoos

Floral Wrist Tattoo

Floral tattoos are as enchanting as they are popular. Floral designs, besides being beautiful, signify a grounded personality. They also represent a connection with and respect for nature.

Mandala Wrist Tattoos

Mandala Tattoo Design on Wrist

Intricate Mandala designs signify the channeling of spiritual energies from the cosmos. Several spiritual traditions use Mandala to focus attention and help calm anxieties and fears.

Cute Wrist Tattoos

Wrist Tattoo Design for Women

Likable cute body art of the wrist reveals the fun and friendly personality of its owner. Finding the right design idea can take time, patience helps.

Butterfly Wrist Tattoos

Small Blue Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies symbolize beauty and change and are a popular choice for wrist designs. The idea represents transformation from one's old self to a new and improved version of self. Like this small blue butterfly exemplifies, they are cute too! More butterfly designs.

Tribal Wrist Tattoos

Tribal Wrist Tattoo

Nothing exemplifies unity like a good tribal tat. A small design on the wrist often represents loyalty while a larger tribal design can be made to look like a bracer, the armor ancient warriors sometimes wore to protect their forearms.

Henna Wrist Tattoos

Feminine Mandala Wrist Tattoo

Henna is the process of staining the skin with dye made from the leaves of a Henna tree. The process results in temporary Henna designs which fade in the span of a few days. Tattooing the wrist design instead makes it permanent.

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