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5 Best Tribal Grim Reaper Tattoos

A good tribal grim reaper tattoo contains grim reaper design elements mixed with tribal design elements to create a popular hybrid design, the tribal reaper tattoo.

We tested the response to many different tribal reaper tattoos and we've narrowed down the list to these exceptional designs. We think you'll agree, these five tribal reaper tattoos represent the best of the best tribal reaper tattoos.

  1. The Red/Black Tribal Silhouette Reaper

  2. At number five, this mixed style tattoo is unmistakable as both a grim reaper tattoo and a tribal design. The red highlights of the reaper's scythe and of the bottom of his shroud are a nice touch and the flowing shroud is clearly tribal in nature.

    Tribal Grim Reaper Tattoo 1
  3. Full-body Tribal Grim Reaper

  4. At number four is this full-body reaper complete with Kryss. It's difficult to convert an entire grim into a tribal silhouette but we think this example did an excellent job. The facial area keeps it from ranking higher but overall this is an exceptional design.

    Tribal Grim Reaper Tattoo 2
  5. Simple Tribal Grim Reaper

  6. This simple and almost minimalist tribal grim reaper tat could be classified in a lot of different ways but we feel it represents the tribal and reaper categories best. At number three the consensus was that it would benefit from a little less smiling effect but, overall, rank it at #3.

    Tribal Grim Reaper Tattoo 3
  7. Popular tribal reaper tat

  8. Coming in at number two this tribal reaper tattoo has become popular and several variations exist, as does a temporary version. We've seen this design with the scythe facing in the other direction and with different faces and colors, it's quite popular. However, despite being popular, it doesn't quite rank at #1 as a tribal reaper tat, it's not fully reaper or fully tribal.

    Tribal Grim Reaper Tattoo 4
  9. Winner for Best Tribal Reaper Tattoo

  10. Joeseph Pasternak inked this amazing tribal reaper tattoo while he was with Tattoo City Skin Art of Illinois many years ago. Everyone agreed that the background was uniquely tribal in design but what put it over the top was how well Joeseph merged the reaper over the tribal background. Every aspect of Joeseph's design flows freely, well done!

    Tribal Grim Reaper Tattoo 5

If you want to suggest another entry for this top five list that you designed or inked yourself we'd be glad to review it, send us a message.

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