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Tree Tattoo Ideas

Tree tattoos symbolize balance, harmony and strength. Their meaning is derived from their many functions including providing nourishment, shelter and safety. The most common types of trees depicted in tattoos are pine, maple, oak and Bonsai, each instilling their own meaning.

Tree Tattoos

Wisdom is also a common attribute depicted in tree tattoos and of course the simple grace and beauty of a tree has a calming effect as well. Longevity rounds out the list of most common and popular tree tattoo meanings.

Mixed Style Tree Tattoos

Tree Tattoo

The choices of tree to include in your body art are as varied and plentiful as the forest itself. A big oak tree, for example, can represent longevity, older memories and childhood happiness of playing on a backyard tree swing. The pine tree in tattoos is symbolic of fortitude as it fares better in rougher terrain, atop mountains and provides materials for building strong shelter.

Forearm Tree Tattoos

Tree Design

A tree inked into forearm body art is visually stimulating and attests to the wisdom and patience of its wearer. The forearm tree design can be further enhanced by matching it with other common forest elements such as the birds and squirrels who make the tree a home.

Back Tree Tattoos

tree tattoo for girls

The tree tattoo placed on the back is symbolic of the fortitude of the wearer. Trees are strong and rigid yet flex as needed much like the human backbone making tree art right at home on the back.

Wrist Tree Tattoos

pine tree arm tattoo

The tree design on a wrist symbolizes family and nature. Much like the branching veins of the wrist the branching limbs of the tree can signify different paths, family members or choices.

Shoulder Tree Tattoos

shoulder tree tattoo

When worn on the shoulder the tree design can be said to represent inner strength. Flexing the muscles below the tattoo slightly can make the ink stretch and the tree appear larger and stronger.

Simple Tree Tattoos

tiny tree tattoo

A simple and small tree tattoo is all that you need to remind you of your roots, your strengths and to help you remain grounded. Placing the simple tattoos in a visible location ensures you can easily see it and remember its meaning.

Arm Tree Tattoos

tree forearm tattoo

Trees and arms are both longer than they are wide which gives the wearer as much extra space for personalizing the design with added elements that they need. Also common, a wearer wishing to have roots included in the design can use the added vertical space an arm provides.

Small Tree Tattoos

small tree tattoo

In general, small tree tats are like a badge of honor for their wearer. Being in touch with nature and your surroundings is sometimes difficult but with a small reminder in the form of a cute tattoo it becomes much easier.

Leg Tree Tattoos

forest leg tattoo

Your lower legs are your connection with the ground and the earth, for a healthy individual what better place to ink a forest design? With or without roots, it makes sense for tree body art designs to be located near the ground on your body.

Family Tree Tattoos

sleeve family tree tattoo idea

There is a common saying that says "wear your heart on your sleeve" which roughly means letting your feelings be known, but how about showing your love of your entire family? The family tree tattoo links all of your family members, or at least your favorite ones, together.

Geometric Tree Tattoos

tree tattoo geometric tattoo

This design has elements of geometry surrounding the main tree that suggest a circle of life meaning. The circling birds add a touch of delight and interest to this artwork and make a great conversational topic.

Forest Tattoos

simple forest tattoo design

To make a simple forest tattoo design more meaningful try basing the number of trees shown on something of personal significance such as the number of kids you have or one per close family member. Make the forest yours, it's going to be with you forever.

Realistic Tree Tattoos

realistic tree tattoo

This realistic tat is an example of the universal saying "from death comes life" as can be seen by the bones below the tree's roots. When people pass the circle of life continues as their nutrients, and some say their spirit, is absorbed by the earth and used to grow more life.

Minimalist Tree Tattoos

small tree tattoo

This small minimalist tattoo consisting of three simple trees is helping the wearer decide if they'd like a larger tattoo, this one is temporary. Temp tats cost little but give nearly the same experience for a few days, without the pain of course.

Watercolor Tree Tattoos

watercolor tree tattoo design

Watercolor techniques allow a tattooist to turn a tree design like the one in the image above into a multi-season multi-colored and beautiful work of body art. Even when you're sure you know what you like, keep looking a little longer, you just might see something more you.

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