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Tiger Tattoo Ideas

Ferocity and strength are two common meanings of a tiger tattoo. Tigers are solo hunters at the top of their food chain so they also represent independent free spirits. Many cultures fear a roaming tiger and will chase them off making fear another common meaning of tigers in tattoos. A tiger's colorful and vigorous characteristics make for beautiful body art.

Tiger Tattoo

The traditional crawling tiger tattoo is symbolic of power and grace, strength and stealth are two of the most admired tiger traits as depicted in body art.

Mixed Style Tiger Tattoos

Tiger Tattoo

For an animal on the hunt, the tiger is fearsome, large, strong, silent and patient, an impressive set of skills indeed.

Forearm Tiger Tattoos

forearm tiger tattoo design

A sensible forearm tiger design looks fantastic on men and women. An open mouth showing fearsome teeth is a common look as is a more maternal appearance with mouth closed and, perhaps, cubs. Either way the tiger makes for extraordinary forearm body art.

Japanese Tiger Tattoos

oriental tiger tattoo

Japanese tiger tattoos, notable for their beauty, were popularized by the Yakuza, Japan's renowned mafia who used the tiger as a symbol of protection and devotion in their distinctively Japanese style body art.

Small Tiger Tattoos

small animal tattoo

When contemplating getting inked the orientation of a tattoo is important. A little design like this small tiger tattoo on the inner arm can best be seen by the wearer but if you prefer to display it for others it would be best to turn it so the head faces toward the hand, towards others.

Traditional Tiger Tattoos

old school tiger knee tattoo

The traditional tiger design in most body art is well-defined but not realistic in appearance. Exaggerated expressions, brighter colors and fixed poses are used to further enhance the desired meaning.

Thigh Tiger Tattoos

tiger thigh tattoo for women

To get a thigh tattoo it's recommended that you wear comfortable shorts and, if it's too cold for shorts alone wear sweat pants over them until you get to the studio. What you'd like to avoid is tight clothing that leaves marks on the skin prior to getting inked.

Realistic Tiger Tattoos

tiger head tattoo

Some tattooists specialize in creating realistic tattoo designs but many avoid them as well because they are difficult to perfect. While easy to darken any section of skin with ink it's difficult if not impossible to lighten it again afterwards. This poses a problem if the tattooist wishes to change even the smallest of areas. Realism is a tattoo art-form requiring talent to perfect and costs more accordingly.

Chest Tiger Tattoos

Tiger Tattoo

Having your chest inked with a tiger design means you're part animal in spirit and in touch with your feelings. Designs of the chest are close to the heart physically and spiritually.

Simple Tiger Tattoos

bengal tiger

Simplicity is relative, however, it is possible to convey just as much meaning and beauty with a simple design as it is with a realistic design as you can see in this example. The level of detail is less important in simple designs but the location of those details becomes more important to the overall aesthetic appeal of the final look.

Tribal Tiger Tattoos

Tiger Tattoo

Tigers are not tribal animals, they are independent hunters and prefer to live relatively alone or with their mate. Tribal patterns represent a group or clan which conflicts with the tigers solitary existence however, combined, their meaning reflects the wearers feelings of confidence, socially or alone.

Shoulder Tiger Tattoos

shoulder tattoo for men

One of the many reasons people choose to place tiger art on their bodies is to show their nature to a potential mate. The shoulder is ideal for this but remember, when wearing a t-shirt half of a shoulder tattoo may remain visible, size accordingly.

Half Sleeve Tiger Tattoos

half sleeve tattoo

The half sleeve crawling tiger design is popular on the lower part of the arm where it remains fully visible when wearing a t-shirt and can be completely concealed by business attire.

Geometric Tiger Tattoos

geometric tattoo

Geometrically shaped animal tattoos usually mean the wearer understands both the form and nature of the animal. Like a mask over a face, the geometric frame provides the base for the rest of the design. Framed beauty broken down to its most basic form.

Watercolor Tiger Tattoos

tiger tattoo with watercolor

When compared to other styles of tattooing the watercolor design relies purely on colors and their shading to convey their intended meaning. Tattooists will often ink the general form of a tiger on the skin before applying watercolor techniques because color alone doesn't capture a tiger's stripes and distinguishing features easily.

White Tiger Tattoos

siberian tiger tattoo sleeve

White tiger tattoos are meant to ward off negative spirits and display their wearer's pride, power and sensuality. Popular with both men and women, white tiger designs have universal appeal and channel mostly positive sentiments.

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