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143 Things To Know Before Getting a Tattoo

The best thing you can do before getting a tattoo is to be patient, look at as many tattoo ideas as you can and ask questions.

Tattoo FAQs

I put together this resource list of the most common questions so that you are as informed as possible before getting inked. The list:

  1. How long do tattoos last?

    Permanent tattoos last forever. All tattoos fade over time but they don't disappear entirely. The reason tattoos fade is partly due to the body's healing properties and partly due to environmental causes, primarily sunlight. Black ink tends to fade more than colored inks because it absorbs more of the sun's UV rays.

  2. Is it normal to feel regret after a tattoo?

    Yes, very normal. To avoid regret try a temporary tattoo for a few days before getting inked for the first time. Let people see it and get their opinions. Find out if you enjoy it.

  3. Does getting a tattoo hurt?

    Yes. How much it hurts depends on your tolerance and the tattoo's location. For most people the pain involved with getting a tattoo ranges from uncomfortable but tolerable to moderate. If the pain becomes too much for you a good tattoo artist will give you some time to recover or schedule another appointment to finish the tattoo later.

  4. How much should I expect to pay for a tattoo?

    Tattoo price is influenced by a tattoo's size, complexity and artist skill level. The longer it takes to complete your tattoo the more you can expect it to cost. In the U.S. the average price of a small single colored tattoo can be as low as $40 and a large intricate tattoo can cost $1000 or more. After explaining exactly what you want a tattoo artist will quote you a fair price.

  5. Are men or women more likely to get a tattoo?

    You may be surprised to learn that according to a 2012 global survey women are more likely to get a tattoo than men. 58% of women get at least one tattoo in their lifetime vs only 41% of men. Women are also twice as likely to eventually have it removed.

  6. Are Tribal Tattoos Expensive?

    The average cost for a small tribal tattoo is $50 to $250 US. For a medium-sized tattoo you can expect to spend between $150 and $450 depending on how long it takes to ink and for a large design the cost easily surpasses $1000.

  7. Can anyone have a tribal tattoo?

    The short answer is yes, in the 21st century almost anyone can wear a tribal tattoo, however in addition to the existing taboo surrounding tattoos a tribal design can also invoke sentiments of cultural appropriation.

  8. Wolf Tattoos And Their Meaning

    The Wolf symbolizes spirit, loyalty and instinct. Its meaning in tattoo design is to convey a wild and ferocious nature tempered with a familial loyalty. Traditional wolves are popular subjects of body art and their meaning varies between cultures. Choose their form carefully to avoid conveying an unintended message or idea.

  9. How much does a wolf tattoo cost?

    The average price for the wolf tattoo that takes 1-2 hours to ink ranges from $200 to $350 U.S.D. A slightly larger or more complicated wolf design will take longer to ink and will typically cost $500-$600. Prices vary from tattoo studio to studio and it is normal to pay a deposit and join a waiting list.

  10. Are wolf tattoos cool?

    The wolf tattoo is among the most popular of animal designs. People associate wolf traits such as instinct, loyalty and spirit with their own personalities and many consider the wolf to be their spirit animal. The wolf is a beautiful wild animal which makes it a desirable subject for cool body art designs of all kinds.

  11. Which wrist is best for a tattoo?

    The inner wrist of the non-dominant hand, usually the left hand, is the most popular and considered best location for the wrist tattoo. Watch wearers should take into consideration which wrist they prefer their watch on.

  12. Are wrist tattoos attractive on women?

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however, the reason a woman gets a wrist tattoo is often to enhance beauty. Whatever the appearance, a wrist tattoo that makes a wearer feel pretty or more confident is successful in being attractive.

  13. Do wrist tattoos fade?

    All tattoos fade over time. How much they fade and how long it takes depends largely on body location and exposure to sunlight, the wrist tattoo is no exception. As a general rule areas exposed to sunlight and contact will fade fastest.

  14. How can I cover up my wrist tattoo?

    To temporarily cover your wrist tattoo wear a watch or bracelet over the design. You can also wear a long sleeve shirt that covers your wrist. If that doesn't work try concealing makup or consider laser tattoo removal.

  15. Should tattooed angel wings face up or down?

    Typically, angel wings depicted in tattoos are folded down to signify that they are not in flight. People who want to memorialize a lost loved one, for example, wish to portray them as an angel with wings or a halo but not necessarily suggest they are flying away.

  16. What does the fallen angel tattoo mean?

    The fallen angel tattoo is symbolic of struggle, often depicting the loss of life of a loved one but sometimes simply representing a good person having struggled through hardships. Fallen angel tattoos usually depict a person kneeling with their head tilted downward and eyes closed.

  17. Who and what is the angel of death tattoo?

    Best known by his Arabic name, Azreal is the mythical angel of death and destruction who separates human souls from their bodies upon death. His counterpart in the Christian faith is also called Azreal and is more often included in tattoos because of the taboo surrounding tattoos in other religions.

  18. What does a single wing tattoo mean?

    Popularized by the Greek mythological being Icarus, the single wing tattoo is typically worn on the outer calf and is symbolic of freedom and speed. Icarus was given wings made with wax which melted when he flew too close to the sun and one of his wings fell off.

  19. What does a heart in a wing tattoo mean?

    The winged heart tattoo is often symbolic of a free spirit and can be used to represent the loss of a loved one. It also is a visual depiction of the saying "follow your heart" and reminder of the song titled "Love will set you free".

  20. Can a woman wear an Angel Wing Tattoo?

    The angel wing tattoo is actually quite popular among women for its beauty and meaning, it is a unisex design suitable to be worn by anyone. Life sized wings across the back and sleeve size wings on the upper arm are common.

  21. Will an ankle tattoo fade?

    All tattoos fade over time, however, the ankle tattoo tends to last longer than tattoos on other body parts. This is because, when wearing pants and socks, they are less exposed to sunlight and UV rays. Tattoos on the wrist, for example, fade more quickly.

  22. Can I wear socks over an ankle tattoo?

    Yes, wearing socks over a fully healed ankle tattoo is perfectly fine, just make sure they are clean and dry. Anything moist that remains in contact with the skin long enough will cause skin cells to shed and regenerate which can cause fading over time.

  23. Do ankle tattoos hurt more than wrist tattoos?

    Yes, the process of having your ankle tattooed is likely to be more uncomfortable than having your wrist inked. Wherever the skin is thinnest is where it's likely to hurt more and the ankle bone is very near the skin. A tattoo slightly higher up on the leg will usually hurt less to apply.

  24. Which arm is best for a sleeve tattoo?

    If you plan to get a full sleeve arm tattoo, having it inked on the non-dominant arm is advisable. This way soreness and/or possible infection will not hinder the use of the dominant arm. Also, if you sleep on your side, consider which side you sleep on.

  25. How much does an arm sleeve tattoo cost?

    The full sleeve arm tattoo will require several studio sessions for your tattooist to complete. Expect to pay between $1000 to $4000 on average depending on number of sessions required, skill level and demand for the tattooist's time and complexity of the design. Some cost much more, most require a deposit and tipping is a great idea.

  26. Will an arm tattoo stretch?

    If the skin a tattoo is inked on stretches then an arm tattoo on it will stretch as well. Minor tattoo stretching is often impossible to detect but major stretching can cause distortion of the tattoo. Comparably, skin shrinking can cause tattoo distortion and wrinkles to form in the design.

  27. What does a Quetzalcoatl tattoo signify?

    The Quetzalcóatl Aztec tattoo is symbolic of death and resurrection. In Aztec culture Quetzalcoatl was considered god of the morning and the evening star and was believed to have descended to Mictlan, the layer of the dead, to gather the bones of the deceased.

  28. What symbols do Aztec tattoos have?

    Aztec tattoos favor animal symbols, particularly eagles, jaguars, frogs and monkeys. These animals were considered guiding totems and spiritual guides which inspired the wearer to follow the creature's ways and life path.

  29. Can women wear Aztec tattoos?

    Of course! Besides traditional roles of caring for family and home Aztec women performed several important roles in Aztec culture. Aztec codices depict women with tattoos while working as priest, weaver and craftsman to name a few.

  30. Will a back tattoo stretch?

    If skin stretches over time any tattoo on it will stretch as well. The back tattoo, however, is unlikely to stretch because the back is typically not an area of the body that expands with minimal or even moderate weight gain.

  31. What can a woman wear while getting a back tattoo?

    There are several options to help maintain privacy while getting a back tattoo. A swimsuit top with strings worn underneath regular clothing can let a tattooist access only as much skin as they need for your back design. Other options include wearing a paper gown with a back opening or wearing a strapless top.

  32. How much does a back tattoo cost?

    The back is the largest mostly flat tattoo canvas on the body and, as such, a full intricate back design will typically cost well over $1000 U.S. Small back tattoos start at $150-$300 and a medium design will cost somewhere between these ranges.

  33. What do bear paw tattoos mean?

    The bear paw tattoo is symbolic of a determined attitude, often competitive in nature, and is an expression of resourcefulness. Bear paw tattoos are also worn as a symbol of good luck and protection. The bear is a fearsome and respected animal.

  34. What goes with a bear tattoo?

    Common additional design elements of bear tattoos include mountains and forests, their natural home and roaming area. Trees and flowers are also quite common in bear tattoo designs. Berry bushes can add a natural touch of color to bear designs, bears love berries.

  35. Can women wear bear tattoos too?

    Yes, a bear tattoo is a unisex design in meaning and beauty. Female bears are quite fearsome, especially when their motherly protective instincts are displayed, making the bear well suited for body artwork inspiration.

  36. Why are butterfly tattoos popular?

    Butterfly tattoos are popular because of their colorful beauty and relatable meaning. Someone who associates their personality to that of a butterfly is said to have grown up, matured, or blossomed from their previous selves. Butterfly tattoo symbolism is very positive.

  37. What does a butterfly tattoo mean on a man?

    Besides being beautiful on everyone, the butterfly tattoo on a man has hidden meanings of love and romance believed to have originated in ancient Greece. In Greek culture the butterfly and rose have similar symbolic meanings and both are well represented in Greek body art.

  38. Which celebrities have butterfly tattoos?

    Halsey, Noah Cyrus, Mariah Carey and Drew Barrymore are some of the many celebrities who have been inked with a butterfly tattoo. Some celebrities, like Queen Latifah, have more than one butterfly tattoo because of their significance and beauty.

  39. Can I get a tattoo of my cat?

    Yes, bring a few pictures of your cat to your tattooist, and they will likely be able to ink your precious feline pet into your tattoo for eternity. Some tattoo artists specialize in realism but art is interpretive, some tattooists are better than others at capturing your cat as you see them. Ask for references.

  40. What does a black cat tattoo mean?

    Black cats in modern tattoos are sometimes symbolic of superstitious beliefs, often of bad luck. This stems from the black cat's history as a symbol in occult and witchcraft lore where black cats were said to be 'familiars', beings associated with evil.

  41. What do cat ear tattoos mean?

    When a cat is fixed, spade or neutered, a process sometimes referred to as being desexed, a small mark or 'tattoo' is placed in the cat's left ear to indicate the procedure has been performed.

  42. Which famous people have tattoos?

    You'd be surprised at how many famous people have tattoos because there are so many. To list a few, Scarlett Johansson, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Brad Pitt, Helen Mirren and many more have all been inked.

  43. Why do celebrities have tattoos?

    Famous people are human with real experiences and real feelings, they get tattooed for the same reasons anyone does. One slight difference is that they live very public lives and their tattoos may have intensely personal meaning that may not be obvious to everyone. A little privacy(and mystery) in a public life is a good thing.

  44. Is 40 too old to get a tattoo?

    No, 40 is not too old to get inked because tattoos are timeless. By being 40 when getting inked for the first time a person has more personal life experiences to draw ideas from which may result in more interesting body art.

  45. What does A Cherry Blossom symbolize?

    In Japanese culture, and elsewhere, cherry blossoms are symbolic of renewal and beauty. Each spring in Japan people celebrate the cherry blossom at parties with friends, colleagues and loved ones to share their happiness.

  46. What goes with cherry blossoms in tattoos?

    The cherry blossom flower, with or without its branch, goes well with hummingbirds in tattoo designs. Popular elements often seen with cherry blossom tattoos are bees, water, butterflies and other flowers. Likewise, cherry blossom flowers add beauty to tiger, dragon and bird tattoos.

  47. Which are the best colors for a cherry blossom tattoo?

    The most popular cherry blossom tattoo colors are pink, red, white, yellow and a traditional mix of black with white. It's best to consider the season, if any, in other elements of your design as well as consider your usual clothing colors before choosing a cherry blossom tattoo's colors.

  48. Can chest tattoos look good on women?

    Yes, a chest tattoo on a woman can be incredibly attractive, especially if it enhances the wearers confidence. As you can see in these examples, the upper chest near the collar bone, the middle of the chest and the lower section covering the bottom ribs are most popular.

  49. Which tattoo is best on the chest?

    The best tattoo to ink on your chest is the one with the most personal meaning for you. Your chest is closest to your heart, which is symbolic of your love, ambition, experience and dreams, so reflect on your inner-self before tattooing your outer self. Chest tattoos with aesthetic appeal and little additional meaning are also perfectly acceptable if your goal is simply to enhance your sense of self-worth.

  50. Are necklace tattoos attractive?

    Yes, a necklace tattoo caries with it all of the beauty found in traditional jewelry with the added benefit of being permanent. As with traditional jewelry, the necklace tattoo can be enhanced with a pendant of the wearers choice. Crosses, diamonds and roses are popular necklace tat pendants.

  51. When did tribal tattoos become popular?

    Ancient tribal tattoos are believed to have originated from the Malay Archipelago, in the Borneo and West Papua regions, over 5,000 years ago. Tribal tattoo themes from Malaysian culture became popular in the western world as recently as the late 1970s and early 80s when tattooists, hungry for new body art styles, reintroduced tribal themed body art to the mainstream population.

  52. Are there cool tattoos without meaning?

    Absolutely, modern tattoos worn purely for their aesthetic and artistic value are quite common. Typically, a wearer will simply enjoy a particular style or want to display their humorous nature when getting inked with designs having no deeper meaning.

  53. Why are tattoos cool?

    Tattoos are a cool form of self-expression because they reveal individual personality traits, are visible to others and require no explanation. When well implemented, tattoos tell a story or share a meaning or enhance the personal appeal of the wearer, which is always cool.

  54. What is a 'three cross' tattoo?

    Each of the three crosses in a three cross tattoo, sometimes referred to as a triple cross, represents a different aspect of God in the Christian faith. Those aspects are the father, the son and the holy spirit. Alternatively, the largest cross in a three cross design is sometimes symbolic of the Lord's crucifixion and the smaller crosses represent each of the two thieves crucified with him.

  55. What is a tribal cross tattoo?

    A tribal cross tattoo is a hybrid cross design featuring exaggerated shapes and edges. Square corners are replaced with sharper, almost blade-like, patterns and additional background tribal elements create a backdrop for the cross itself.

  56. What is a rosary cross tattoo?

    A rosary cross tattoo depicts two major elements of Christianity, specifically the cross which is symbolic of God's crucifixion and the rosary beads which are a prayer aid. Combining these two elements into a single tattoo is symbolic of a wearer's religious beliefs.

  57. Are cute foreign language symbol tattoos a good idea?

    Assuming that you don't speak the language, cute foreign symbol tattoos can memorialize a trip to a foreign country or a saying you believe in deeply, however, a word of caution. If you get the tattoo inked while in a foreign country you want to make sure it means what you think it does. The nuances between different languages, and different cultures, can be significant.

  58. Which cute tattoos can best friends get?

    Tough question! Best friend forever tats should feature timeless meaning and graphic design elements. You might like a topic today, such as a TV show or music band, but do you see yourself enjoying that topic at age 50 and beyond? A lifelong friendship bond tattoo that is representative of a shared interest you both enjoy will stand the test of time.

  59. Can cute tattoos cover up scars?

    A scar is technically a custom body modification already and a cute tattoo can absolutely cover or enhance a scar. The trick is to consider if you want to draw attention to the scar with humor, or to conceal it with beauty, or a mix of both. Talk to your tattooist and let their talent shine with ideas on which options might work best for you.

  60. Are dragonfly tattoos popular?

    Dragonfly tattoos are incredibly popular in most cultures, all around the world. The dragonfly works well in almost all styles of tattoo designs including watercolor, minimalism and realism. The dragonfly inspires curiosity and amazement in tattoos as in the real world.

  61. Which design elements work best in a dragonfly tattoo?

    Dragonfly tattoos can be enhanced by adding features found in their natural habitat. A dragonfly sitting on a lillipad, near slow moving water or surrounded by flowers are examples of designs that work with dragonflies.

  62. What does a tattoo with a dragonfly over a ribbon mean?

    The ribbon is a symbol used to raise awareness of breast cancer and is often incorporated into tattoo designs. A dragonfly ribbon tattoo is a popular symbol to express support for survivors and research issues.

  63. Are dragon tattoos good luck?

    Completed dragon tattoos are universally believed to be good luck and warders of evil spirits. In Chinese culture it is considered unlucky to complete the eyes, the windows to the soul, of a dragon tattoo until the rest of the body is complete. Once completed the dragon tattoo is a symbol of good luck and good fortune.

  64. What does a black dragon tattoo mean?

    The dragon's color holds special meaning in Japanese culture. The Kai-Riu, or small red dragon, and Fuku Riu, the most popular dragon, are typically colored to enhance their meaning. Black is symbolic of wisdom and age while red symbolizes luck.

  65. What does the jade dragon tattoo mean?

    The Jade dragon in tattoos is symbolic of wisdom, strength, power, longevity and prosperity. It also represents the idea of heaven, the emperor's guardians and, in most Asian cultures, the Jade Dragon is ruler of all animals.

  66. Which tattoo Design ages the best ideologically?

    Trends come and go but some tattoo designs are eternal. The eagle tattoo ages extremely well due to being widely recognizable, it is America's official animal and often found in patriotic tattoos. The eagle is at the top of it's food chain.

  67. What does an eagle tattoo say about a person?

    In America the eagle tattoo symbolizes love of country, however, the eagle is also recognized as meaning wisdom, grace and power in all regions of the planet. The eagle is believed to fly higher than any other bird and it has excellent vision making it a popular subject of tattoos.

  68. Which celebrities got eagle tattoos?

    Amy Winehouse had an eagle tattoo. Other celebrities sporting an eagle tattoo include Paris Jackson and Zoe Kravitz. Sammi Hanratty also had an eagle tattooed behind her right ear by artist Tim Hendricks, the eagle is universally popular, including among celebrities.

  69. Are tattoos on women attractive?

    Yes, many find a tattoo on a woman very attractive and beauty is an interpretive concept, as is all body art. A tattoo can tell a story, express a personality trait or simply be cute, endearing or fun. Not all tattoos will provide the desired effect but a well researched and planned design can enhance appeal just like make-up and jewelry, just more permanently.

  70. What is the most popular tattoo for a woman over 50?

    Popularity fluctuates but the rose tattoo is definitely a top contender for favorite woman over 50 body art. Other popular subjects include other flowers, things with wings and memorial designs.

  71. How long do finger tattoos last?

    Finger tattoos last forever, however, they are likely to fade more quickly than tattoos on other parts of the body. Finger tattoos require maintenance touch-ups every few years to keep them looking fresh but they never fade away completely.

  72. Can finger tattoos prevent you from getting a job?

    Finger tattoos will only rarely become an employment concern. With the exception of jobs requiring public focus on the hands, such as for ring modeling, finger tattoos are rarely an employment concern. Keep in mind that your parents would likely disagree!

  73. Which finger is best for a tattoo?

    The middle finger. It's the longest digit and is centered on the hand allowing for extra design options. There is no worst finger for a tattoo however, individual creativity isn't restricted to any particular location on the body.

  74. Can guys get flower tattoos?

    Absolutely, yes, guys can(and do) get flower tattoos too. In fact, flower tattoos are popular in male designs all around the world and in some cultures flowers are considered more male than female in body art. The Lotus Blossom in China, for example, is more common on men.

  75. Are flower tattoos with names popular?

    Yes, flower designs can enhance a name in a tattoo. In South America, the number of flowers is sometimes representative of the number of lovers a person has had or the number of children they've raised. As such, adding a name to each flower is common.

  76. Do flower tattoos in black and white look good?

    Yes, flower tattoos featuring black and white ink often look stunning. The contrast between white and black is bold and strong, perfect for drawing attention to your design. When placed next to colored flowers these can be made to look unfinished, symbolic of a love ending too soon.

  77. What do forearm band tattoos mean?

    Traditionally, a solid dark band tattoo, typically worn on the arm, can be symbolic of a departed friend or relative. Additionally, it can represent rank within an organization or loyalty towards a group. The band itself represents the circle of life, an eternal unbreakable progression.

  78. Are forearm tattoos bad for jobs?

    No, the forearm tattoo is a form of self-expression and will only rarely pose any work-related issues. Should a problem arise, forearm tattoos can easily be concealed so as not to offend others. The exception: tattoos that depict illegal activities or hurtful messaging, these should be avoided anyway.

  79. Are there forearm tattoos for skinny guys?

    No, a wearers weight isn't a consideration for any particular style of tattoo. Skinny guys, thick guys, what's important is that the wearer is comfortable with the forearm tattoo they get. Don't worry about size, empower yourself with good design instead.

  80. What is a symbol for friendship?

    The yellow rose and the pear blossom are symbolic of friendship and are good choices for a friendship tattoo. Alternatively, any symbol that captures the essence of best friends, such a shared passion or common interest, can be the perfect symbol of your friendship because they are meaningful to you personally.

  81. Which color means friendship?

    Traditionally, yellow is the color symbolic of friendship. Yellow is also indicative of kindness and compassion which are excellent qualities often shared between true friends. You can't go wrong with a yellow friendship tat.

  82. What does blue in friendship tattoos mean?

    Individual colors have different meanings in tattoo design. Blue is symbolic of peace, hope and reliability. Brown signifies stability, comfort and loyalty. Green represents calm, natural and compassionate. Orange suggests happiness, joy and excitement while Pink is for affection, enthusiasm and youth.

  83. What does the ♊ symbol in Gemini tattoos mean?

    The Gemini symbol ♊ consists of the roman numeral for two (II) with branches across the top and bottom symbolic of an unbreakable bond. Always opposing, both sides of a Gemini tattoo will signify exact opposites.

  84. Which other tattoo designs go well with Gemini?

    Lions are a popular choice for enhancing a Gemini tattoo, specifically Leo the lion, which is another fire based Zodiac symbol. Alternatively, Gemini tattoos featuring twin faces, sometimes called two-faced or 'laugh now, cry later' design, are both common and popular.

  85. What is a Gemini's tattoo spirit animal?

    Deer. Energetic, fast, graceful and fun the deer is the spirit animal for Gemini in the Zodiac. The deer is always fearful of being too vulnerable while at the same time is never so fearful that it doesn't put itself out there. Opposites.

  86. Is a grim reaper tattoo bad luck?

    The grim reaper depicted in tattoos has neutral luck, it is neither good nor bad. The Grim Reaper is featured in tattoos to make a statement of being, of determined fate, not so much of luck or fortune. Remember, time is limited, and 'make the most of the time you have left' is a good description of what the grim reaper means.

  87. Are reapers evil?

    As with luck, the grim reaper tattoo is not good or evil. As a spectral being known globally as a ghostly figure the grim reaper is often wrongly portrayed as being an evil being. Death is a certainty for all living beings and, in common folklore, everyone is said to have to 'face the reaper', eventually.

  88. What do you call a female grim reaper tattoo

    The female grim reaper is called a Banshee, an equally popular subject in grim reaper tattoos. In Irish folklore, it is was said that a ghostly Banshee will wail and scream to warn of an impending death in a house or village.

  89. Are Henna Tattoos permanent?

    Traditional Henna tattoos are not permanent, they fade gradually with each wash and typically last 7 to 10 days. Henna designs can be made permanent with regular tattoo inks, however, the traditional process involving the Henna plant is not intended to last forever.

  90. How long does a Henna Tattoo take to dry?

    4-6 hrs. The Henna leaf ink creation process forms a fine paste that should be left on the skin for 4-6 hours in order to achieve proper even transfer. Tattoo size, temperature and humidity can all affect the total drying time slightly and the Henna design should be kept out of direct sunlight if possible.

  91. How much does henna art cost?

    Henna artists, on average, will charge between $50 and $100 per hour for applications at special events, such as weddings. It can take a few minutes to apply a small henna design and an hour or more to apply complex designs, not including drying time.

  92. Does a hummingbird tattoo need flowers?

    The hummingbird tattoo doesn't need flowers because it looks amazing with or without them. If you choose a hummingbird and flower design it's a good idea to go with a blooming flower featuring bright colors, like a cardinal flower or zinnia, that would attract a hummingbird.

  93. Should a hummingbird tattoo be big or small?

    The hummingbird tattoo is most often small because that's part of its natural beauty. A small hummingbird design can be inked anywhere on the body, such as behind the ear or on your wrist, because it's a tiny bird.

  94. Do hummingbird tattoos look better in color or black and white?

    Both. The fantastic thing about hummingbird tattoos is how interesting they look in any style. A watercolor hummingbird design can turn your body into a stunning living canvas, meanwhile, black and white hummingbird body art is strong and subtle.

  95. Are tattoos popular in japan?

    Great question! Yes, tattoos are privately a popular form of self-expression in Japanese culture. Visible tattoos are frowned upon, even illegal, however Japan has a rich and interesting history with the tattoo dating back centuries.

  96. Why do Japanese people hide their tattoos?

    Understanding the evolution of tattoos in Japan is key to knowing why they are often kept private today. During Japan's feudal period tattoos often depicted scenes meant to frighten an enemy, a practice more recently seen in Yakuza body art styles. Laws and moral values have shifted over time to soften the aggressive aspect of tattooing in Japan.

  97. What is a Neo-Japanese tattoo?

    The Neo-Japanese tattoo, sometimes called a Blackwork Tattoo, retains traditional Japanese symbolism and ideas but are styled with thick and thin lines to add contrast and are finished with heavy black and bold colors.

  98. Why do some lion tattoos not have a body?

    This is because a majestic lion tattoo only needs the head of the lion to convey its full meaning and beauty. The lion's body is similar to other large wild cats but its head is very distinctive, especially in body art designs.

  99. Why do lion tattoos sometimes have a crown?

    Simply, lion tattoos sometimes include a crown because the lion is the symbolic king of the jungle. Despite lions actually living in the desert, the practice was reinforced via heraldry, a tradition that included lions with crowns on crests to represent a kingdom or a king.

  100. What makes Leo the lion popular in tattoos?

    Leo the lion is popular in tattoos because he has cultural significance around the world. In America Leo the lion is the mascot of the MGM movie company while in Japan he is the leading character in an animated TV series by Osamu Tezuka. Leo is also a zodiac sign in astrology and the mascot of several sports teams.

  101. Why is lip tattooing a thing?

    As mentioned above, lip tattooing is cheeky, an acquired taste, and part of modern culture. The inner lip, typically the bottom lip, is perfectly suited for keeping a tattoo concealed until its wearer wishes to show it for effect. Lip tattoos have high shock value.

  102. Is lip tinting always permanent?

    No, cosmetic lip tinting can be temporary depending on the procedure used. Temporary lip tattoos of all colors and patterns are available to help complete a desired look or style. Temp designs are useful in determining if a particular shade is going to work for you because they can easily be removed.

  103. What is the best place for tattoos of lips?

    A popular body location, often considered the best place, for tattoos of lips in on the butt. Lip tattoos on the butt are suggestive of asking or telling someone to kiss it. In popular culture the phrase carries universal meaning, often signaling non-compliance, while retaining a cute or funny appeal. The neck is an equally popular location for tattoos of lips.

  104. What is the best color for a lotus flower design tattoo?

    The best color for your lotus flower design tattoo is entirely dependent on your intended meaning, on aesthetics vs symbolism. As described above each color is symbolic of different personality traits and the best color, for you, should be chosen accordingly.

  105. Which animal goes with lotus flower tattoos?

    While any animal can be featured in a lotus flower design, a popular favorite is the Koi fish, especially in Japanese culture. Other popular choices are butterflies, birds and other flowers.

  106. Do lotus flower tattoos look good on men?

    Absolutely, lotus flower tats are popular on men and have been for centuries. Besides being beautiful, the lotus flower has traditionally been considered a male design symbolic of fortune, especially in Indian and Japanese culture.

  107. Why are guys with tattoos attractive?

    Guys with well-designed tattoos are often viewed as more attractive because their body art is symbolic of confidence, a very useful trait to have if you're seeking a mate. Of course not all guys are attractive and not all tattoos are attractive but the right tattoo can enhance the appeal of both.

  108. What is the best tattoo for a man?

    The best tattoo for a man is one he is proud of, that makes him feel confident, and that he's not afraid to display. A meaningless list or joke that "he should ask a woman" wouldn't help so seriously, ask yourself and ask loved ones what style/type/location is best for you and do you.

  109. Which are the cool tattoos for guys?

    The coolest guy tattoos make their wearer feel good about themselves. Confidence is cool. The most popular masculine tattoos are traditional(skull, flag and dagger), the animal(wolf, lion and drago) and the abstract body art designs.

  110. Do celebrities get tattoos with meaningful quotes?

    Yes, many celebrities have gotten quotes with personal meaning inked onto their body. Analeigh Tipton has a meaningful quote tattooed on her shoulder, Angelina Jolie has words inked on her back as does Miley Cyrus on her side and many other celebs do too.

  111. Which tattoo means strength for women?

    A woman can draw strength from many sources and display each of them in tattoos. Her religion can generate strength of faith, her life experience creates strength of wisdom and her conviction means strength of fortitude.

  112. What does an Om tattoo mean?

    The Om is an important symbol in Hindu beliefs, it's meaning is of unity between spiritual and physical. As a tattoo, it's a beautiful symbol inclusive of all energies across the universe. Getting an Om tattoo symbolizes a belief in life itself.

  113. What makes a memorial tattoo special?

    To make a memorial tattoo extra special reflect the impression they left on your heart into the meaning of your memorial tattoo design. The essence of special moments shared will make your memorial tattoo effective at reminding you how lucky you were to have shared those memories together.

  114. What is an ashes memorial tattoo?

    As the name implies, the ash memorial tattoo is applied using ink specially made with the ashes of a cremated loved one. Several companies exist that can make this type of ink for you, ask your tattooist for more information about the fabrication process if this interests you.

  115. What is a picture memorial tattoo?

    A memorial tattoo can display a picture from a scrapbook, with or without a frame of other design elements. The meaning behind picture-based memorial tattoos is similar to that of keeping a scrapbook filled with family keepsake photos. The difference is that a photo is made permanent on the wearers body.

  116. What is the meaning of a crescent moon tattoo?

    In Hinduism, Lord Shiva wears a crescent moon on his head symbolic of his mastery of time. As depicted in the crescent moon tattoo, it is the astrological symbol for the Moon, silver and prosperity. Additionally, the crescent moon is an emblem of Artemis and can represent virginity.

  117. What does half moon with star mean?

    A half moon with star tattoo is symbolic of night and day, of sun and moon. Alternatively, the moon can represent the mother and the star(s) her children. In each variation, the half moon and star tattoo means hope, a common trait of light.

  118. What is a 3 moon tattoo?

    The three moons in a three moon tattoo represent the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, each symbolic of a different stage in a woman's life. Alternatively, each moon represents a goddess in Wiccan lore.

  119. What is a family tattoo?

    The family tattoo is designed to show a familial bond by sharing one common tattoo, a symbol of shared belonging and caring. The bond does not have to be biological, nor does it need to be parent and child or sibling in nature. Any group of people who consider themselves family can share a family tattoo. Every mom is also a daughter.

  120. What makes a mom daughter tattoo good?

    A good mom daughter design requires a shared meaning between mom and daughter, it's that simple. Sometimes a family crest or featured initial in a small whimsical design does the trick. Some prefer a symbol that conveys infinite love and still others prefer a link between mom, daughter(s) and nature. It's up to the wearers to be creative and the experience should be enjoyable.

  121. Why are rose tattoos popular?

    Rose tattoos are popular for their aesthetic beauty and symbolism, roses are symbolic of love and everyone wants to be loved. By displaying a rose tattoo the wearer is also signaling their appreciation of or desire for a mate.

  122. Best place to put a rose tattoo?

    You have lots of options. The best place for your rose tattoo depends on your goal. If you want to privately enhance your sense of beauty it's best to place the rose tattoo on your torso. If you wish to publicly display it the legs and arms, including wrists and ankles, are a good choice. For shock value a tattoo on the hand or neck draws the most attention.

  123. Are rose tattoos nice on men?

    Absolutely, a rose tattoo looks as nice on men as women. Although primarily viewed as a feminine flower in Western culture the rose is actually considered a male oriented flower in some Eastern cultures. Beauty is universal, anyone can enjoy a lovely rose tattoo.

  124. Is a Scorpio tattoo lucky?

    Scorpio tattoos have neutral to good luck, however, luck isn't the main focus when Scorpios decide to get inked. Scorpio tattoos tend to be more mysterious and secretive in focus though sometimes they are designed to bring good luck as well.

  125. What are the 7 symbols for Scorpio tattoos?

    1. The Spider
    2. The Wolf
    3. The Phoenix
    4. The Eagle
    5. The Scorpion
    6. The Lizard
    7. and The Serpent.
  126. Can Scorpio tattoos match for marriage?

    Yes, Scorpio tattoos are a good idea for couples seeking matching designs, assuming they have the right Zodiac symbols. People with Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces and Virgo zodiac signs are believed to be the most compatible and would make for the best matching tattoos.

  127. Which shoulder should I get tattooed?

    Both shoulders are equally suitable for a tattoo, however, you should consider your non-dominant arm as a slightly better option when considering tattoo placement. The shoulder on the non-dominant arm is best for a tattoo when you want to avoid downtime of your dominant arm during recovery.

  128. Can you get a full sleeve tattoo in one session?

    No, a full sleeve tattoo will require more than one session with your tattooist. Expect to need several sessions to complete inking of a complete sleeve tattoo because of pain tolerance, time and tattoo artist fatigue.

  129. Should you tip your tattoo artist?

    Typically, if your tattoo artist does a good job, a tip is a nice gesture of appreciation. A tip is rarely expected, however, after using their artistic talents to give you a lifelong original piece of body art a tattoo artist will definitely appreciate your generosity.

  130. Why choose a simple tattoo?

    Simple is better. Choosing a simple tattoo, rather than a complicated design, benefits you by healing more quickly, being easier to touch up later and leaving more to the imagination. It's not how simple the design, it's how creative the wearer and tattoo artist are that makes the biggest difference. They cost less too.

  131. What is a good first tattoo for a girl?

    After graduating from a temporary design, a simple and small inked design makes a great first tattoo for girls. Simple designs are good because you can easily remove them later or ink around them to enhance their design. Overall, starting small and taking your time in choosing a first tattoo idea will also save on potential regret later on.

  132. What goes well with a Skull Tattoo?

    Flaming skulls are incredibly popular in tattoo culture as are flowers and fancies. Flaming skulls became popular in part because of the movie 'Ghost Rider' featuring Nicolas Cage, however, flames and skulls have always been popular individually thanks to their aesthetic appeal. Flowers and fancy or colorful elements further enhance the look of a skull tattoo.

  133. What do skull with wing tattoos mean?

    The skull and wing tattoo draws it's meaning from the Latin saying 'Memento Mori', meaning 'remember that you will die'. In tattoos, skulls and wings both signify elements of the afterlife and related beliefs and, together, both have mystique and aesthetic appeal.

  134. Are skulls considered offensive in tattoos?

    The emotional reactions to a skull tattoo depend on the culture and beliefs of the person looking at it. In European culture the skull is quite common in body art designs but in middle-eastern culture a skull tattoo can be quite offensive, even frightening.

  135. Does a sleeve tattoo give a bad impression?

    While some people are always going to have the wrong impression, no, a sleeve tattoo doesn't give a bad impression. Because sleeve tattoos are highly visible they actually help break the conversational ice with strangers. Loved ones on the other hand, they're going to love you regardless, even if they cringe at first.

  136. What is a sleeve tattoo?

    A sleeve tattoo is a collection of individual designs covering the entire arm or leg(usually the arm). Typically, getting your arm covered in individual smaller tats turns the arm into a storyboard authored by the wearer, often telling of life experiences.

  137. How do I choose what to add to my sleeve tattoo?

    Traditionally, the sleeve tattoo is highly personal and happens in two ways, planned and unplanned. The planned sleeve tattoo is typically thought out before any tattooing is done while the unplanned sleeve happens when a wearer adds enough designs to the arm or leg over time to complete the sleeve.

  138. Will you regret a small tattoo?

    Typically, small tattoos don't cause regret unless the location or subject matter loses it's appeal by the wearer. Small tattoos require less investment in time and money that a larger tattoo and they can be removed more easily. Also, if you regret a small tattoo you would likely regret a larger one so size matters little.

  139. How small can tattoo lettering be?

    Lower case fonts in tattoos shouldn't be smaller than half a inch or they risk becoming illegible over time. While lettering can be as small as you like it's important to remember that, over time, tattoos tend to stretch, fade and lose their sharpness.

  140. What size is considered small for a tattoo?

    Typically, a maximum of 6 inches by 6 inches is considered a small size for a tattoo. Any larger than that and your tattoo artist will need to charge more than their small tattoo rate.

  141. Is a snake tattoo good for luck?

    In Japanese culture a snake tattoo is believed to bring good luck by protecting the wearer against bad luck. In addition to prosperity, the snake is a reminder to avoid other possible misfortunes and has several other meanings but, yes, a snake tattoo can be seen as good for luck.

  142. Where is the best place to put a snake tattoo?

    The snake is usually long and often a good climber making it ideally suited for a snake tattoo placed on arms or legs. Other good places to put a snake tattoo include the back, neck and shoulder area.

  143. What looks good with a snake in a tattoo?

    Often the best place to look for clues on what goes best with something is in their natural habitat. Snake tattoos look good with flower designs of many types. A snake and rose tattoo, for example, looks great and means love with temptation, possibly corruption.

Congratulations, if you read all of these common questions you, hopefully, learned at least one new fact to consider before getting inked. Maybe two?

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