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Designer Tattoo Ideas

The designer tattoo is drawn by an artist and applied by a tattooist. Not all artists are tattooists but all tattooists are artists. It is quite common for someone who seeks a custom tattoo to have it designed by one artist and applied by another.

Designer Tattoos

A reputable tattooist will provide examples of their previous designs as well as a broad range of selections to choose from in their own personal style.

Mixed Style Designer Tattoos

Mixed Temporary Tattoo

First, a planned design can be transcribed onto a mixed temporary tattoo to see if the wearer wants any modifications made to their custom design before it is permanently inked on their body. The process is not free but is nonetheless cheaper than having laser tattoo removal to correct a bad choice would be.

Simple Designer Tattoos

Simple Ladies Tattoo Design

Simple and inspired graphic designs appeal to the young and hip at some point in their lives but eventually people mature and are considered wise instead. Customized body art reminds that you were hip once which isn't entirely a bad thing, some even call simple tats an earned beauty mark.

Fashion Designer Tattoos

Teen Fashion Tattoo

Not all tattoos are permanent, enjoying the beauty of a temporary design can enhance and compliment an overall fashion look, or change it completely. The tattoo can add a bit of attitude, good and naughty, to your fashion wardrobe if you give them a try.

Louis Vuitton Designer Tattoos

LV Tattoo Design

Popular designers make popular designs that are often a source of imitation body art. Your favorite brand logo can say a lot about you if you get it inked on your body as part of a larger design or on its own.

Small Designer Tattoos

Small Wine Glass Tattoo

If you can sum up an experience that changed who you are, for better or worse, in one picture and you never want to forget that experience or make that mistake or miss that opportunity again, what would it be? A little custom body art can help tell your story.

Love Designer Tattoos

Mom and Dad Tattoo

A love tattoo can tell the world who it is that you love, be it your parents, friends and even yourself, but a word of caution about names is required. Placing someones name on your body becomes problematic if they disappoint you in the future.

Heart Designer Tattoos

Love Infinity Heart Tattoo

This infinity heart design exemplifies what creativity and passion can accomplish with the help of a little artistic talent.

Unique Designer Tattoos

Shiva Tattoo Design

Individual scars are unique and a unique designer tat can be used to conceal them. Not all scars need to be concealed however, quite the opposite in fact as many scars add to a persons charm and make them just a little more special and unique. A good design can even help break the conversational ice by drawing attention to them.

Finger Designer Tattoos

Finger Tattoo Design

Some of the best graphic design tattoos are worn on the fingers because of how challenging it really is to come up with a suitable idea for finger art. The only place more raw and visible than the fingers is perhaps the face.

Arm Designer Tattoos

Arm Designer Tattoo

Here is an example of a wonderful personal arm design featuring a nautical theme. It doesn't only reflect a love of boating, it has dual meaning and reminds of what is important while on the water. Check the compass, remember to toss the anchor and look at the map!

Cute Designer Tattoos

Tattooage de Main

"Tattooage de main" means hand tattoo in french, don't let language get in the way of a cute designer tat. Print examples or bookmark ideas prior to visiting a local tattoo shop so that you can show what you like if language is a barrier. This is helpful while traveling and wanting to memorialize the trip with some cute body art.

Angel Designer Tattoos

Colored Angel Designer Tattoo

Religious symbols like this compassionate angel are most often ancient in age but a good tattooist can draw current meaning into old-style angel design elements by fusing modern aspects into it.

Designer Alphabet Tattoos

Tattoo Lettering Design

Lettering designs in body art are symbolic of a message the wearer wishes to express that cannot be done with imagery alone. Intricate lettering representing a name for example, or sturdy roman script giving a specific date are both commonly used in modern times.

Beautiful Designer Tattoos

Famous Tattoo Designs

Pure beauty and aesthetic good taste are sought after by some people seeking to get inked for the first time, with little added meaning or symbolism at all. A pretty picture, the rugged landscape and historical elements can stand alone without telling a story based on the extent of their beauty.

Designer Hand Tattoos

Rose in Time Hand Tattoo

A talented tattooist can often intertwine two or more themes into one giving them entirely new meaning. Rose and clock body art, for example, can be combined to symbolize a rose in time, a metaphor for love having it's own schedule. Customized for rare inspiration.

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