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The Meaning of a Sun Tattoo

The four most common meanings associated with a sun tattoo are truth, light, vitality and energy. The sun's color in a tattoo carries additional meaning. For example, the symbolism of a black sun means dark magic and/or the occult and a red sun symbolizes new life, courage and a new day(dawn).

Traditional Sun Tattoo

Here are several classic examples of simple sun tattoos to give you an idea of what they may look like on you.

Mixed Style Sun Tattoo

Male Sun Tattoo Design

This male moon glaring at a female sun design is symbolic of the relationship between night and day, between work and play and reminds that life has order.

Simple Sun Tattoo

Simple Sun and Moon Tattoo

The sun and moon tattoo can be a simple pattern or outline and still retain it's meaning. This gracious illustration is minimalist by design.

Small Sun Tattoo

Sun Tattoo Idea for Women

Although a small design, this sun tattoo idea is ideal for women wanting to display a positive warm personality or men expressing their caring nature.

Shoulder Sun Tattoo

Sun Rays Tattoo

The sun ray design is symbolic of good triumphing over evil, light shining in the darkness and of warding negative spirits away.

Minimalist Sun Tattoo

Small Sun Tattoo for men

The small sunrise and sunset tattoo, more often inked on a man than a woman, is a shining example of being in touch with your surroundings. The sun is rising and setting over a horizon that is a literal person in this minimalist tattoo.

Tribal Sun Tattoo Meaning

Male Sun Tattoo Design

The tribal sun tattoo is more popular with men. In addition to traditional sun tattoo meanings it adds a touch of warrior symbolism to the design.

Mandala Sun Tattoo

Mandala Sun and Moon Tattoo

The mandala sun pattern is symbolic of two people complimenting each other's lives as they embark on a journey of marriage. Mandala tattoo design is very popular in Indian culture and is often seen at weddings.

Sun Wrist Tattoo

Simple Sun Tattoo with Color

A warm glow is achieved in this sunny wrist tattoo by mixing orange and yellow coloring within the design. Simple, cute and effective.

Moon Sun Tattoo

Single Line Sun Tattoo

Moon and sun designs such as these can be created in one single line of ink which adds to the meaning of connectivity the sun and the moon already share. More about moon body art.

Cute Sun Tattoo

Cute Ankle Sun Tattoo

Belonging to the single line tattoo design group, this cute sun tattoo is rising or setting behind mountains and waves, depending on how you look at it. A meaning of challenges behind or hard decisions ahead can be inferred.

Geometric Sun Tattoo

Mountain and Sun Tattoo

By intersecting the sun in a tattoo with a geometric pattern the meaning changes from day to day and night. This is an exceptional example of an ankle sun tattoo and a geometric design.

Ankle Sun Tattoo

Ankle Sun and Moon Tattoo

An hybrid sun and moon ankle tattoo can be achieved by splicing a traditional sun tattoo over moon body art to create a hybrid variation symbolic of its wearer having day priorities and night plans.

Colorful Sun Tattoo

Temporary Sun Tattoo

The colors in a sun tattoo add meaning to any design, in this beautiful illustration they add a touch of Japanese traditionalist body art, it's a fun effect.

Traditional Sun Tattoo

Temporary Colorful Sun Tattoo

Added meaning is achieved by adding traditional elements to your sun tattoo such as by having a dozen large rays, one for each month in a regular calendar year, or 12 points surrounding it, one for each zodiac range.

Hippie Sun Tattoo

Hippie Sun Tattoo

The hippie sun design exudes a sense of zen and life is good emotion such as you see in this closed eyes with a smile idea.

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