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Snake Tattoo Ideas

Snakes in tattoos symbolize fertility due to their phallic shape. Enhanced healing and rebirth characteristics attributed to a snake's ability to shed it's skin give the snake cultural meaning.

Snake Tattoo

Religiously the snake's actions in the Garden of Eden(Genesis 2-3) suggest it is a destroyer of innocence. However, the snake is often included in tattoos with multiple elements which, combined, give it many more potential meanings.

Is a snake tattoo good for luck?

Snake Tattoo

In Japanese culture a snake tattoo is believed to bring good luck by protecting the wearer against bad luck. In addition to prosperity, the snake is a reminder to avoid other possible misfortunes and has several other meanings but, yes, a snake tattoo can be seen as good for luck.

Small Snake Tattoos

Small Snake Tattoo

Compliment your soul with this engaging and appealing small body art featuring a snake.

Snake Tattoos on Arm

Snake Tattoo on Arm

Unleash your soul by choosing this wonderful and fancy snake on arm tattoo.

Where is the best place to put a snake tattoo?

Snake Tattoos on Forearm

The snake is usually long and often a good climber making it ideally suited for a snake tattoo placed on arms or legs. Other good places to put a snake tattoo include the back, neck and shoulder area.

What looks good with a snake in a tattoo?

Simple Snake Tattoo

Often the best place to look for clues on what goes best with something is in their natural habitat. Snake tattoos look good with flower designs of many types. A snake and rose tattoo, for example, looks great and means love with temptation, possibly corruption.

Japanese Snake Tattoos

Japanese Snake Tattoo

Influence your creativity by deciding to go with this simple and enchanting Japanese tat of a snake.

Traditional Snake Tattoos

Traditional Snake Tattoo

Reveal an inspired spirit by choosing this cool and symbolic traditional body art.

Snake Tattoos on leg

Snake Tattoo on leg

Compose your enthusiasm by deciding to go with this symbolic leg art with a simple snake.

Flower Snake Tattoos

Flower Snake Tattoo

Commit to an inspired artistic aspiration by deciding to go with this fun and elegant flower design.

Snake Tattoos on Hand

Snake Tattoo on Hand

Activate an inspired imagination with this cute and appealing hand tat.

Rose Snake Tattoos

Rose Snake Tattoo

Outline your best creativity by considering this enjoyable and amazing rose tat.

Snake Tattoos on Shoulder

Snake Tattoo on Shoulder

Apply the vision by considering this provocative and symbolic shoulder masterpiece.

Snake Tattoos on Thigh

Snake Tattoo on Thigh

Fortify the inspiration with this exceptional and spectacular thigh tattoo.

Realistic Snake Tattoos

Realistic Snake Tattoo

Focus your friendly soul with this amazing realistic design.

Tribal Snake Tattoos

Tribal Snake Tattoo

Immortalize your creative thoughts with this cool and awesome tribal idea.

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