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Small Tattoo Ideas

Small tattoos often have big meaning for their owner. Personal losses, personal triumphs and personal encouragement are as easily expressed with a small tat as they are a larger one. A small dove design with the word believe scripted next to it can mean keep the peace, have faith and trust in yourself.

Small Tattoo

Here are a few more examples

Will you regret a small tattoo?

Typically, small tattoos don't cause regret unless the location or subject matter loses it's appeal by the wearer. Small tattoos require less investment in time and money that a larger tattoo and they can be removed more easily. Also, if you regret a small tattoo you would likely regret a larger one so size matters little.

Small Flower Tattoos

Small Flower Tattoo

Direct your creative thought while looking at this beautiful flower design.

Small Butterfly Tattoos

Small Butterfly Tattoo

Show your imagination by going with this sexy and beautiful butterfly masterpiece.

Small Arm Tattoos

Small Arm Tattoo

Work on your friendly image by going with this attractive arm specimen.

Small Cute Tattoos

Small Cute Tattoo

Outline your friendly fancy with this joyful and remarkable cute tattoo.

Small Shoulder Tattoos

Small Shoulder Tattoo

Compose the imagination with this appealing shoulder artwork.

Small Wrist Tattoos

Small Wrist Tattoo

Apply your personable imagination by choosing this exceptional and remarkable wrist tattoo.

How small can tattoo lettering be?

Lower case fonts in tattoos shouldn't be smaller than half a inch or they risk becoming illegible over time. While lettering can be as small as you like it's important to remember that, over time, tattoos tend to stretch, fade and lose their sharpness.

Small Hand Tattoos

Small Hand Tattoo

Show an inspired enthusiasm by exploring this fancy hand beauty.

What size is considered small for a tattoo?

Typically, a maximum of 6 inches by 6 inches is considered a small size for a tattoo. Any larger than that and your tattoo artist will need to charge more than their small tattoo rate.

Small Geometric Tattoos

Small Geometric Tattoo

Heighten your image with this spectacular geometric masterpiece.

Small Symbol Tattoos

Small Symbol Tattoo

Re-invent your idea of fantasy with this beautiful symbol tattoo.

Small Shoulder Tattoos

Small Shoulder Tattoo

Apply your friendly mojo by going with this provocative and elegant shoulder tattoo.

Small Flower Tattoos

Small Flower Tattoo

Focus your artistic aspirations while looking at this impressive and elegant flower idea.

Small Ankle Tattoos

Small Ankle Tattoo

Compliment your vision with this engaging and elegant ankle specimen.

Small Finger Tattoos

Small Finger Tattoo

Seize the essence of your imagination by checking out this fun and symbolic finger stick and poke.

Cool Small Tattoos

Cool Small Tattoo

Complete an inspired soul with this breathtaking cool body art.

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