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Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

A sleeve tattoo is most often a storyboard of interesting significance. Several designs, several meanings and artistic elements combine to tell a story. The phrase "wear your heart on your sleeve" means to display your emotions and make your feelings known and that's exactly what a sleeve tattoo accomplishes.

Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos work as pure body art with no deeper meaning as well though often the tattoo has hidden meaning. Roses for example, there may be a rose for each love lived or child born to the owner. The story a sleeve tattoo tells may not be obvious to others.

Does a sleeve tattoo give a bad impression?

Sleeve Tattoo

While some people are always going to have the wrong impression, no, a sleeve tattoo doesn't give a bad impression. Because sleeve tattoos are highly visible they actually help break the conversational ice with strangers. Loved ones on the other hand, they're going to love you regardless, even if they cringe at first.

What is a sleeve tattoo?

Feminine Sleeve Tattoo

A sleeve tattoo is a collection of individual designs covering the entire arm or leg(usually the arm). Typically, getting your arm covered in individual smaller tats turns the arm into a storyboard authored by the wearer, often telling of life experiences.

Rose Sleeve Tattoos

Rose Sleeve Tattoo

Balance your image with this remarkable rose tat.

Flower Sleeve Tattoos

Flower Sleeve Tattoo

Stimulate your dream by seeing if this fun and fancy flower idea is for you.

Clock Sleeve Tattoos

Clock Sleeve Tattoo

Kick start your personal artistic genius with this wonderful and elegant clock tattoo.

Sleeve Tattoos on Leg

Sleeve Tattoo on Leg

Decide to reveal your mojo by choosing this exceptional and symbolic legged beauty

Forest Sleeve Tattoos

Forest Sleeve Tattoo

Stimulate an inspired spirit by exploring this elegant forest body art.

Japanese Sleeve Tattoos

Japanese Sleeve Tattoo

Commit to your nostalgic senses by checking out this remarkable Japanese ink design.

Angel Sleeve Tattoos

Angel Sleeve Tattoo

Activate an inspired enthusiasm with this sexy and attractive Angel artwork. It just might bring out your good nature!

Tribal Sleeve Tattoos

Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

Heighten your image by considering this gorgeous and awesome tribal wonder.

How do I choose what to add to my sleeve tattoo?

Religious Sleeve Tattoo

Traditionally, the sleeve tattoo is highly personal and happens in two ways, planned and unplanned. The planned sleeve tattoo is typically thought out before any tattooing is done while the unplanned sleeve happens when a wearer adds enough designs to the arm or leg over time to complete the sleeve.

As for what to choose, talk to your tattoo artist about placement of individual tats because they will know which shapes and figures look best on different parts of the sleeve. What to choose next depends on what you already have.

Geometric Sleeve Tattoos

Geometric Sleeve Tattoo

Outline your inspiration by deciding to go with this incredible and awesome geometric stick and poke.

Wolf Sleeve Tattoos

Wolf Sleeve Tattoo

Immortalize an inspired enthusiasm while considering this enchanting wolf tattoo sleeve.

Dragon Sleeve Tattoos

Dragon Sleeve Tattoo

Show your personable brilliance with this wonderful and beautiful dragon body art.

Cool Sleeve Tattoos

Cool Sleeve Tattoo

Decide to reveal an inspired artistic aspiration by deciding to go with this spectacular cool stick and poke.

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