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Simple Tattoo Ideas

Simple tattoos tend to feature a single color and favor outlines over full designs. They can cost less, take less time to complete and cause less pain to have inked. Other benefits include a more even fading over time with less overall blurring.

Simple Tattoo

Simple tattoos can be more easily retouched than complicated designs.

Why choose a simple tattoo?

Simple Tattoo

Simple is better. Choosing a simple tattoo, rather than a complicated design, benefits you by healing more quickly, being easier to touch up later and leaving more to the imagination.

It's not how simple the design, it's how creative the wearer and tattoo artist are that makes the biggest difference. They cost less too.

Simple Tattoos on Hand

Simple Tattoo on Hand

Reveal your personal inspiration with this cool and enchanting simple hand beauty.

Simple Tattoos on Forearm

Simple Tattoo on Forearm

Apply your genius with this amazing forearm specimen.

Simple Tattoos on Arm

Simple Tattoo on Arm

Improve an inspired genius by considering this awesome arm stick and poke.

Simple Tattoos on Wrist

Simple Tattoo on Wrist

Start the mojo while looking at this delightful wrist beauty.

Simple Flower Tattoos

Simple Flower Tattoo

Seize your mojo by choosing this attractive flower tattoo.

What is a good first tattoo for a girl?

Simple Symbol Tattoo

After graduating from a temporary design, a simple and small inked design makes a great first tattoo for girls. Simple designs are good because you can easily remove them later or ink around them to enhance their design. Overall, starting small and taking your time in choosing a first tattoo idea will also save on potential regret later on.

Simple Feminine Tattoos

Simple Feminine Tattoo

Re-invent your inspiration by exploring this appealing feminine design.

Simple Geometric Tattoos

Simple Geometric Tattoo

Re-invent your soul with this delightful geometric design.

Simple Rose Tattoos

Simple Rose Tattoo

Stimulate your enthusiasm by going with this elegant rose specimen.

Simple Chest Tattoos

Simple Chest Tattoo

Complete your friendly groove with this incredible and elegant chest beauty.

Simple Love Tattoos

Simple Love Tattoo

influence your personable image by going with this enchanting love masterpiece.

Simple Unique Tattoos

Simple Unique Tattoo

Reveal your friendly fantasy with this beautiful unique body art.

Simple Cool Tattoos

Simple Cool Tattoo

Activate your personable enthusiasm with this elegant cool skin art.

Simple Tattoos on Back

Simple Tattoo on Back

Outline your inspiration by exploring this breathtaking back body art.

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