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Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Flex appeal. The upper arm and shoulder area display how strong, fit and toned a body is and a shoulder tattoo can accentuate those characteristics. A tattoo placed on the shoulder is easily concealable but when the shirt comes off its meaning is very visible, even in the mirror.

Shoulder Tattoo

Choose to show your personable creative thought with this wonderful and appealing shoulder body art.

Which shoulder should I get tattooed?

Shoulder Tattoo

Both shoulders are equally suitable for a tattoo, however, you should consider your non-dominant arm as a slightly better option when considering tattoo placement. The shoulder on the non-dominant arm is best for a tattoo when you want to avoid downtime of your dominant arm during recovery.

Female Shoulder Tattoos

Female Shoulder Tattoo

Outline your genius while looking at this attractive feminine stick and poke.

Male Shoulder Tattoos

Male Shoulder Tattoo

Apply your soul by going with this symbolic male stick and poke.

Small Shoulder Tattoos

Small Tattoo on Shoulder

Immortalize your artistic aspiration while looking at this joyful and appealing small specimen.

Rose Shoulder Tattoos

Rose Tattoo on Shoulder

Decide to reveal your personable soul by deciding to go with this joyful and delightful rose body art.

Can you get a full sleeve tattoo in one session?

Unique Shoulder Tattoo

No, a full sleeve tattoo will require more than one session with your tattooist. Expect to need several sessions to complete inking of a complete sleeve tattoo because of pain tolerance, time and tattoo artist fatigue.

Floral Shoulder Tattoos

Floral Tattoo on Shoulder

Direct your mojo by going with this enjoyable and delightful floral beauty.

Tribal Shoulder Tattoos

Tribal Tattoo on Shoulder

Heighten your friendly creativity with this elegant tribal wonder.

Simple Shoulder Tattoos

Simple Tattoo on Shoulder

Fortify your enthusiasm by going with this remarkable simple tat.

Should you tip your tattoo artist?

Mandala Tattoo on Shoulder

Typically, if your tattoo artist does a good job, a tip is a nice gesture of appreciation. A tip is rarely expected, however, after using their artistic talents to give you a lifelong original piece of body art a tattoo artist will definitely appreciate your generosity.

Cute Shoulder Tattoos

Cute Shoulder Tattoo

Heighten your personable soul with this breathtakingly cute tattoo.

Butterfly Shoulder Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoo on Shoulder

Heighten your dream by choosing this appealing butterfly tat.

Dragon Shoulder Tattoos

Dragon Tattoo on Shoulder

Complete your personable vision by considering this breathtaking dragon stick and poke.

Lace Shoulder Tattoos

Lace Tattoo on Shoulder

Reinvigorate your friendly image by deciding to go with this sexy and delightful lace wonder.

Classy Shoulder Tattoos

Classy Tattoo on Shoulder

Guide your personable groove with this enjoyable and appealing classy masterpiece.

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