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Rose Tattoo Ideas

Rose tattoos are as popular in Western culture as lotus flowers are in Eastern cultures. It is interesting to note that both flowers are considered feminine in modern times despite the rose having originated in Persia and been considered decidedly masculine in the past. Regardless, the rose is a symbol of love with a side of thorns making it complicated, sometimes.

Rose Tattoo

Why are rose tattoos popular?

Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoos are popular for their aesthetic beauty and symbolism, roses are symbolic of love and everyone wants to be loved. By displaying a rose tattoo the wearer is also signaling their appreciation of or desire for a mate.

Rose Tattoos on Forearm

Rose Tattoo on Forearm

Immortalize your friendly inspiration by considering this spectacular forearm specimen.

Small Rose Tattoos

Small Rose Tattoo

Heighten your best brilliance by considering this symbolic small beauty.

Rose Tattoos on Shoulder

Rose Tattoo on Shoulder

Choose to show your brilliance by choosing this cute and amazing shoulder masterpiece.

Rose Tattoos on Arm

Rose Tattoo on Arm

Re-invent your brilliance by choosing this impressive and symbolic arm tattoo.

Rose Tattoos on Thigh

Rose Tattoo on Thigh

Compose the dream with this elegant thigh stick and poke.

Rose Tattoos on Wrist

Rose Tattoo on Wrist

Reveal your friendly soul by considering this wonderful and enchanting wrist stick and poke.

Rose Tattoos on Hand

Rose Tattoo on Hand

Fortify your friendly artistic aspiration with this elegant hand design.

Best place to put a rose tattoo?

Simple Rose Tattoo

You have lots of options. The best place for your rose tattoo depends on your goal. If you want to privately enhance your sense of beauty it's best to place the rose tattoo on your torso. If you wish to publicly display it the legs and arms, including wrists and ankles, are a good choice. For shock value a tattoo on the hand or neck draws the most attention.

Rose Tattoos on Back

Rose Tattoo on Back

Seize your groove with this provocative and beautiful back design.

Are rose tattoos nice on men?

Traditional Rose Tattoo

Absolutely, a rose tattoo looks as nice on men as women. Although primarily viewed as a feminine flower in Western culture the rose is actually considered a male oriented flower in some Eastern cultures. Beauty is universal, anyone can enjoy a lovely rose tattoo.

Half Sleeve Rose Tattoos

Half Sleeve Rose Tattoo

Outline the fantasy by going with this appealing half-sleeve wonder.

Realistic Rose Tattoos

Realistic Rose Tattoo

Heighten your best spirit by choosing this pleasing and delightful realistic masterpiece.

Rose Tattoos on Ankle

Rose Tattoo on Ankle

Heighten your friendly vision by considering this fun and unique ankle design.

Watercolor Rose Tattoos

Watercolor Rose Tattoo

Show your dream with this awesome watercolor idea.

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