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Moon Tattoo Ideas

A moon tattoo is symbolic of celestial power, light in the darkness and prosperity. The moon's phase within the design is important, a full moon directly above brings high tide and good harvest. Body art featuring a waning moon or half moon suggest a calming influence.

Moon Tattoo

The moon is often a secondary design feature used to enhance the primary subject of a tattoo, such as with a wolf, stars or clouds. The moon's phase also relates to time so tattoos with clock symbols are fairly common.

What is the meaning of a crescent moon tattoo?

Moon Tattoo

In Hinduism, Lord Shiva wears a crescent moon on his head symbolic of his mastery of time. As depicted in the crescent moon tattoo, it is the astrological symbol for the Moon, silver and prosperity. Additionally, the crescent moon is an emblem of Artemis and can represent virginity.

Simple Moon Tattoos

Simple Moon Tattoo

Choose to show your image with this attractive simple art.

Small Moon Tattoos

Small Moon Tattoo

Choose to show an inspired fantasy while looking at this symbolic small stick and poke.

Crescent Moon Tattoos

Crescent Moon Tattoo

Influence your fantasy by considering this unique crescent beauty.

What does half moon with star mean?

Moon Tattoo

A half moon with star tattoo is symbolic of night and day, of sun and moon. Alternatively, the moon can represent the mother and the star(s) her children. In each variation, the half moon and star tattoo means hope, a common trait of light.

What is a 3 moon tattoo?

Moon Tattoo

The three moons in a three moon tattoo represent the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, each symbolic of a different stage in a woman's life. Alternatively, each moon represents a goddess in Wiccan lore.

Mandala Moon Tattoos

Mandala Moon Tattoo

Reveal an inspired artistic aspiration by exploring this simple and beautiful Mandala tattoo.

Realistic Moon Tattoos

Realistic Moon Tattoo

Show your best dream with this beautiful realistic masterpiece.

Wrist Moon Tattoos

Wrist Moon Tattoo

Grab your fantasy while looking at this provocative and delightful wrist tattoo.

Floral Moon Tattoos

Floral Moon Tattoo

Re-invigorate the spirit by choosing this amazing flower tattoo.

Watercolor Moon Tattoos

Watercolor Moon Tattoo

Reveal your best creative thought with this appealing watercolor tattoo.

Cute Moon Tattoos

Cute Moon Tattoo

Unleash your best creative thought by exploring this gorgeous and symbolic cute design.

Tribal Moon Tattoos

Tribal Moon Tattoo

Apply your spirit by considering this impressive and fancy tribal design.

Wolf Moon Tattoos

Wolf Moon Tattoo

Grab your friendly artistic aspiration with this gorgeous and elegant wolf tat.

Sun and Moon Tattoos

Sun and Moon Tattoo

Apply your best imagination with this wonderful and appealing sun/moon tat.

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