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Memorial Tattoo Ideas

The meaning of a memorial tattoo is very personal, it helps people remember and celebrate a lost family member or friend. There is no right and wrong way to memorialize someone but you might consider location, size and style of memorial tattoo before getting it permanently inked.

Memorial Tattoo

Questions to ask youself: What did the lost loved one love about life? Did you share an activity together regularly? Do you want to see the design every time you look in the mirror? These are all things to consider before getting a memorial tattoo.

What makes a memorial tattoo special?

Memorial Tattoo

To make a memorial tattoo extra special reflect the impression they left on your heart into the meaning of your memorial tattoo design. The essence of special moments shared will make your memorial tattoo effective at reminding you how lucky you were to have shared those memories together.

Memorial Tattoos for Brother

Memorial Tattoo for Brother

The influence a brother has on a personal level lasts a lifetime. You can remember your brother in a highly personal way by inking their essence somewhere on your body.

Memorial Tattoos on Forearm

Memorial Tattoo on Forearm

Outline your friendly inspiration by deciding to go with this beautiful forearm idea.

Memorial Tattoos for Grandma

Memorial Tattoo for Grandma

Grandmas are special, wise and caring people and spending time with them reminds you of how fortunate you are. You can hold onto that feeling forever in a well-designed tattoo.

Memorial Tattoos for Dad

Memorial Tattoo for Dad

Dad, protector, provider and friend. They help mold who you are on the inside, it's OK to remember them on the outside with a tasteful tattoo.

Memorial Tattoos on Wrist

Memorial Tattoo on Wrist

Complete your artistic aspiration by exploring this remarkable wrist tattoo.

Memorial Tattoos on Shoulder

Memorial Tattoo on Shoulder

Stimulate your best mojo by considering this attractive and appealing shoulder body art.

What is an ashes memorial tattoo?

Angel Memorial Tattoo

As the name implies, the ash memorial tattoo is applied using ink specially made with the ashes of a cremated loved one. Several companies exist that can make this type of ink for you, ask your tattooist for more information about the fabrication process if this interests you.

Memorial Tattoos for Son

Memorial Tattoo for Son

Losing a son or daughter implies tragic circumstances unfolded and parents whose worst nightmare has taken place should hold off on plans for a memorial tattoo.

Time is required to heal and to find an inner peace where acceptance feels impossible.

The risk getting a tattoo too soon poses is one of having it remind you constantly of the loss itself and not of the good memories.

Losing someone to natural causes after they lived a long life is easier to celebrate than a premature loss so take your time, you'll know if/when it's right for you.

If you're reading this, I am sorry for your loss. Chin up.

Memorial Tattoos for Friend

Memorial Tattoo for Friend

Guide an inspired bond while looking at this enjoyable and appealing friendly tattoo.

Rose Memorial Tattoos

Rose Memorial Tattoo

Re-invent your brilliance with this wonderful and unique rose tattoo.

Simple Memorial Tattoos

Simple Memorial Tattoo

Balance your artistic genius by exploring this pleasing and amazing simple idea.

Small Memorial Tattoos

Small Memorial Tattoo

Direct your inspired creative thoughts with this small tat.

What is a picture memorial tattoo?

Cross Memorial Tattoo

A memorial tattoo can display a picture from a scrapbook, with or without a frame of other design elements. The meaning behind picture-based memorial tattoos is similar to that of keeping a scrapbook filled with family keepsake photos. The difference is that a photo is made permanent on the wearers body.

Memorial Tattoos for Mom

Memorial Tattoo for Mom

'Mom is the name for god on the lips and hearts of all children', this quote holds true almost universally.

Memorial tattoo suggestion

Having lost my mom not too long ago I wrestled with feelings that swayed between the deepest of love to the strongest of loss, and often both at the same time. I knew I wanted to remember mom forever, and let the world know, but I grew terrified I'd choose the wrong tattoo design to memorialize her with.

I solved that problem by having a tattoo artist place the design on paper which I framed and placed on my bedroom wall. I found it hard to look at for a while, really hard, but after a few weeks I found myself whispering 'love you mom' every time I saw it. That's how I knew it was the right tattoo choice for me.

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