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Meaningful Tattoo Ideas

Getting inked is an intensely personal choice. Figuring out what design you'd like today is difficult enough but knowing what you'll enjoy in a decade is even harder. Tattoos causing the most regret often have a name in them or are located somewhere on the body the owner later wishes it wasn't.

Meaningful Tattoo

On the flip side tattoos with the least regret tend to tell a story or share something about their owner, even if it was during a specific phase of their life. Navy veterans with sailor tattoos or parents showing their pride with a small footprint rarely ever cause regret.

Do celebrities get tattoos with meaningful quotes?

Meaningful Tattoo

Yes, many celebrities have gotten quotes with personal meaning inked onto their body. Analeigh Tipton has a meaningful quote tattooed on her shoulder, Angelina Jolie has words inked on her back as does Miley Cyrus on her side and many other celebs do too.

Small Meaningful Tattoos

Small Meaningful Tattoo

Guide your mojo with this incredible and beautiful small tattoo.

Meaningful Tattoos on Wrist

Meaningful Tattoos on Wrist

Guide your mojo by going with this sexy and delightful wrist body art.

Meaningful Tattoos on Arm

Meaningful Tattoo on Arm

Stimulate your vision with this wonderful and spectacular arm specimen.

Meaningful Tattoos on Shoulder

Meaningful Tattoo on Shoulder

Immortalize the creative thought by going with this symbolic shoulder masterpiece.

Unique Meaningful Tattoos

Unique Meaningful Tattoo

Complete your mojo by deciding to go with this enchanting unique body art.

Meaningful Family Tattoos

Meaningful Family Tattoo

Reveal your groove with this exceptional and awesome family tat.

Simple Meaningful Tattoos

Simple Meaningful Tattoo

Seize your groove by deciding to go with this attractive and elegant simple specimen.

Half Sleeve Meaningful Tattoos

Half Sleeve Meaningful Tattoo

Influence an inspired vision by deciding to go with this attractive and appealing half-sleeve design.

Meaningful Tattoos on Women

Meaningful Tattoo on Woman

Heighten your artistic aspiration by going with this beautiful feminine tattoo.

Meaningful Tattoos on Men

Meaningful Tattoo on Man

Commit to the brilliance by going with this fun and appealing male friendly design.

Which tattoo means strength for women?

Deep Meaning Tattoo

A woman can draw strength from many sources and display each of them in tattoos. Her religion can generate strength of faith, her life experience creates strength of wisdom and her conviction means strength of fortitude.

Meaningful Love Tattoos

Meaningful Love Tattoo

Direct your artistic genius by going with this attractive and symbolic love tattoo.

Cute Meaningful Tattoos

Cute Meaningful Tattoo

Complete your best image by deciding to go with this symbolic cute body-art.

What does an Om tattoo mean?

Cute Meaningful Tattoo

The Om is an important symbol in Hindu beliefs, it's meaning is of unity between spiritual and physical. As a tattoo, it's a beautiful symbol inclusive of all energies across the universe. Getting an Om tattoo symbolizes a belief in life itself.

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