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Lotus Flower Tattoo Ideas

Unlike other tattoo designs, the lotus flower tattoo depends on color as much as form for meaning. The white lotus flower symbolizes faith, fertility and wealth. The blue lotus flower symbolizes wisdom. The red lotus flower represents heart, sympathy and compassion.

Lotus Flower Tattoo

Yellow lotus flowers symbolize creativity, knowledge and confidence. The pink lotus flower is symbolic of enlightenment. Purple lotus flowers are associated with the magic arts. Lotus flower meaning varies between religions but the meaning of their colors holds true.

What is the best color for a lotus flower design tattoo?

Lotus Flower Tattoo

The best color for your lotus flower design tattoo is entirely dependent on your intended meaning, on aesthetics vs symbolism. As described above each color is symbolic of different personality traits and the best color, for you, should be chosen accordingly.

Small Lotus Flower Tattoos

Small Lotus Flower Tattoo

Fortify an inspired artistic genius by going with this simple and attractive small art.

Simple Lotus Flower Tattoos

Simple Lotus Flower Tattoo

Decide to reveal your vision by exploring this incredible and spectacular simple specimen.

Lotus Flower Tattoos on Wrist

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Wrist

Re-invigorate your friendly artistic aspiration with this elegant wrist stick and poke.

Lotus Flower Tattoos on Forearm

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Forearm

Complete an inspired image while looking at this wonderful and attractive forearm tattoo.

Lotus Flower Tattoos on Back

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Back

Influence your dream with this provocative and attractive back specimen.

Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoos

Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo

Start your friendly imagination while looking at this beautiful Mandala tattoo.

Lotus Flower Tattoos on Shoulder

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

Decide to reveal your vision while looking at this attractive and appealing shoulder idea.

Lotus Flower Tattoos on Arm

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Arm

Show your friendly vision by deciding to go with this amazing arm tat.

Which animal goes with lotus flower tattoos?

Colorful Lotus Flower Tattoo

While any animal can be featured in a lotus flower design, a popular favorite is the Koi fish, especially in Japanese culture. Other popular choices are butterflies, birds and other flowers.

Lotus Flower Tattoos on Ankle

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Ankle

Choose to show an inspired enthusiasm with this simple and attractive ankle stick and poke.

Do lotus flower tattoos look good on men?

Tribal Lotus Flower Tattoo

Absolutely, lotus flower tats are popular on men and have been for centuries. Besides being beautiful, the lotus flower has traditionally been considered a male design symbolic of fortune, especially in Indian and Japanese culture.

Watercolor Lotus Flower Tattoos

Watercolor Lotus Flower Tattoo

Activate your vision while looking at this fun and spectacular watercolor stick and poke.

Realistic Lotus Flower Tattoos

Realistic Lotus Flower Tattoo

Grab an inspired dream by considering this delightful realistic tat.

Geometric Lotus Flower Tattoos

Geometric Lotus Flower Tattoo

Stimulate your fantasy by deciding to go with this amazing geometric tat.

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