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Lip Tattoo Ideas

There are two types of lip tattoo. One is a depiction of lips inked somewhere on the body and the other is a tattoo literally located on the inner lip. The first type denotes sex appeal and symbolizes romance. The second type, tats on the inner lip, convey a cheeky meaning, a true acquired taste.

Lip Tattoo

Closed lip designs often symbolize the keeping of a secret. It's important to remember that a tattoo on the inside of the mouth carries increased risk of infection because of exposure to oral bacteria. Any swelling near an airway requires immediate attention.

Why is lip tattooing a thing?

Lip Tattoo

As mentioned above, lip tattooing is cheeky, an acquired taste, and part of modern culture. The inner lip, typically the bottom lip, is perfectly suited for keeping a tattoo concealed until its wearer wishes to show it for effect. Lip tattoos have high shock value.

Cute Lip Tattoos

Cute Lip Tattoo

Heighten an inspired vision with this provocative and remarkable cute tat.

Black Lip Tattoos

Black Lip Tattoo

Complete your best inspiration while looking at this attractive and beautiful black stick and poke.

Lip Tattoos on Neck

Lip Tattoo on Neck

Guide your mojo by choosing this sexy and enchanting neck art.

Is lip tinting always permanent?

Temporary Lip Tattoo

No, cosmetic lip tinting can be temporary depending on the procedure used. Temporary lip tattoos of all colors and patterns are available to help complete a desired look or style. Temp designs are useful in determining if a particular shade is going to work for you because they can easily be removed.

Cosmetic Lip Tattoos

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo

Commit to the enthusiasm with this symbolic cosmetic design.

Cool Lip Tattoos

Cool Lip Tattoo

Heighten your creativity by exploring this enchanting cool tat.

Celebrity Lip Tattoos

Celebrity Lip Tattoo

Commit to your inspiration with this wonderful and appealing celeb tat.

Small Lip Tattoos

Small Lip Tattoo

Reveal your friendly image by exploring this simple and delightful small idea.

Heart Lip Tattoos

Heart on Lip Tattoo

Decide to reveal your friendly artistic aspiration by deciding to go with this pleasing and remarkable heart idea.

Simple Lip Tattoos

Simple Lip Tattoo

Apply your best groove by considering this wonderful and appealing simple art.

Unique Lip Tattoos

Unique Lip Tattoo

Unleash an inspired mojo with this impressive and delightful unique wonder.

Bottom Lip Tattoos

Bottom Lip Tattoo

Compliment your fantasy with this appealing lower lip idea.

Smoking Lip Tattoos

Smoking Lip Tattoo

Seize your best enthusiasm by going with this fun and awesome smoking art.

What is the best place for tattoos of lips?

Diamond on Lip Tattoo

A popular body location, often considered the best place, for tattoos of lips in on the butt. Lip tattoos on the butt are suggestive of asking or telling someone to kiss it. In popular culture the phrase carries universal meaning, often signaling non-compliance, while retaining a cute or funny appeal. The neck is an equally popular location for tattoos of lips.

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