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Lion Tattoo Ideas

Lion tattoos most often symbolize courage and royalty, they are considered the kings of the jungle in many cultures after-all. Sitting at the top of their food chain lions exude power, strength and vigor making them a desirable body art topic.

Lion Tattoos

Crowns and thorns often adorn lion designs as do an open mouth pose meaning the lion is roaring. Several current-day celebrities sport a lion tat, Basketball superstar Lebron James had one inked on his upper arm and is nicknamed "King James".

Why do some lion tattoos not have a body?

Lion Tattoo

This is because a majestic lion tattoo only needs the head of the lion to convey its full meaning and beauty. The lion's body is similar to other large wild cats but its head is very distinctive, especially in body art designs.

Lion Tattoos on Forearm

Lion Tattoo on Forearm

Re-invigorate your best inspiration with this incredible and unique forearm idea.

Lion Tattoos on Shoulder

Lion Tattoo on shoulder

Re-invigorate an inspired spirit with this delightful shoulder body art.

Why do lion tattoos sometimes have a crown?

Crown Lion Tattoo

Simply, lion tattoos sometimes include a crown because the lion is the symbolic king of the jungle. Despite lions actually living in the desert, the practice was reinforced via heraldry, a tradition that included lions with crowns on crests to represent a kingdom or a king.

Lion Tattoos on Chest

Lion Tattoo on Chest

Re-invent your friendly artistic aspiration by considering this enchanting chest tattoo.

What makes Leo the lion popular in tattoos?

Leo the Lion Tattoo

Leo the lion is popular in tattoos because he has cultural significance around the world. In America Leo the lion is the mascot of the MGM movie company while in Japan he is the leading character in an animated TV series by Osamu Tezuka. Leo is also a zodiac sign in astrology and the mascot of several sports teams.

Simple Lion Tattoos

Lion Tattoos 7

Decide to reveal an inspired vision by considering this awesome simple stick and poke.

Geometric Lion Tattoos

Lion Tattoos 8

Unleash your fantasy while looking at this delightful geometric stick and poke.

Small Lion Tattoos

Lion Tattoos 9

Direct your inspiration by deciding to go with this beautiful small masterpiece.

Female Lion Tattoos

Lion Tattoos 10

Focus your creativity with this symbolic feminine beauty.

Realistic Lion Tattoos

Lion Tattoos 11

Balance your creativity by considering this sexy and beautiful realistic tattoo.

Half-Sleeve Lion Tattoos

Lion Tattoos 12

Guide the dream with this enchanting half-sleeve design.

Lion Tattoos on Men

Lion Tattoo on a man

Outline the fantasy with this delightful masculine specimen.

Tribal Lion Tattoos

Lion Tattoos 14

Improve your friendly artistic aspiration with this symbolic tribal tat.

Watercolor Lion Tattoos

Lion Tattoos 15

Re-invigorate your artistic aspiration by deciding to go with this remarkable watercolor idea.

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