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Japanese Tattoo Ideas

Traditional Japanese body art reflected societal standing during the early dynasty periods. By depicting animals and grimacing human faces it was also believed that a tattoo could ward away evil spirits and bring the wearer good fortune.

Japanese Tattoos

Contemporary Japanese tattoos have remnants of popular ancient designs blended with currently trendy symbols and drawings yet they remain unmistakably Japanese. Fact: In 2020 the top Japanese court struck down a 2017 law that required tattoo artists in Japan to possess a medical practitioners license. Tattooing is thus not considered a medical procedure.

Are tattoos popular in japan?

Japanese Tattoo

Great question! Yes, tattoos are privately a popular form of self-expression in Japanese culture. Visible tattoos are frowned upon, even illegal, however Japan has a rich and interesting history with the tattoo dating back centuries.

Japanese Dragon Tattoos

Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Immortalize the soul while looking at this delightful dragon design.

Samurai Japanese Tattoos

Samurai Japanese Tattoo

Activate your artistic genius with this appealing Samurai tat.

Why do Japanese people hide their tattoos?

Traditional Japanese Tattoo

Understanding the evolution of tattoos in Japan is key to knowing why they are often kept private today. During Japan's feudal period tattoos often depicted scenes meant to frighten an enemy, a practice more recently seen in Yakuza body art styles. Laws and moral values have shifted over time to soften the aggressive aspect of tattooing in Japan.

What is a Neo-Japanese tattoo?

Half Sleeve Japanese Tattoo

The Neo-Japanese tattoo, sometimes called a Blackwork Tattoo, retains traditional Japanese symbolism and ideas but are styled with thick and thin lines to add contrast and are finished with heavy black and bold colors.

Small Japanese Tattoos

Small Japanese Tattoo

Start your inspiration by considering this sexy and appealing small tat.

Japanese Koi Tattoos

Japanese Koi Tattoo

Choose to show your soul with this amazing Koi art.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Choose to show your imagination by exploring this beautiful blossom specimen.

Japanese Tattoos on Forearm

Japanese Tattoo on Forearm

Stimulate your friendly creativity while looking at this pleasing and spectacular forearm stick and poke.

Japanese Tiger Tattoos

Japanese Tiger Tattoo

Reveal an inspired mojo by considering this attractive and delightful tiger body art.

Full Sleeve Japanese Tattoos

Full Sleeve Japanese Tattoo

Guide an inspired soul with this attractive full sleeve beauty.

Japanese Yakuza Tattoos

Japanese Yakuza Tattoo

Learn more about this remarkable Yakuza art.

Japanese Full Body Tattoos

Japanese Full Body Tattoo

Improve your enthusiasm while looking at this remarkable full body art.

Japanese Geisha Tattoos

Japanese Geisha Tattoo

Compose your friendly brilliance with this fancy Geisha tattoo.

Japanese Warrior Tattoos

Japanese Warrior Tattoo

Decide to reveal your image while looking at this enjoyable and attractive warrior tattoo.

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