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Gemini Tattoo Ideas

Gemini tattoo meaning is steeped in duality and in opposing personality traits. Gemini is the third Zodiac sign between Taurus and Cancer and the most popular of Zodiac symbols to incorporate in body art designs.

Gemini Tattoo

Gemini tats symbolize the unpredictable nature of their owners, good vs evil and yin vs yang.

What does the ♊ symbol in Gemini tattoos mean?

Gemini Tattoo

The Gemini symbol ♊ consists of the roman numeral for two (II) with branches across the top and bottom symbolic of an unbreakable bond. Always opposing, both sides of a Gemini tattoo will signify exact opposites.

Small Gemini Tattoos

Small Gemini Tattoo

Choose to show your mojo while looking at this remarkable small beauty.

Which other tattoo designs go well with Gemini?

Gemini Tattoo

Lions are a popular choice for enhancing a Gemini tattoo, specifically Leo the lion, which is another fire based Zodiac symbol. Alternatively, Gemini tattoos featuring twin faces, sometimes called two-faced or 'laugh now, cry later' design, are both common and popular.

What is a Gemini's tattoo spirit animal?

Gemini Tattoo

Deer. Energetic, fast, graceful and fun the deer is the spirit animal for Gemini in the Zodiac. The deer is always fearful of being too vulnerable while at the same time is never so fearful that it doesn't put itself out there. Opposites.

Tribal Gemini Tattoos

Tribal Gemini Tattoo

Activate your spirit by deciding to go with this elegant tribal specimen.

Geometric Gemini Tattoos

Geometric Gemini Tattoo

Direct the imagination by deciding to go with this elegant geometric body art.

Simple Gemini Tattoos

Simple Gemini Tattoo

Choose to show your friendly artistic aspiration with this cool and beautiful simple tattoo.

Forearm Gemini Tattoos

Forearm Gemini Tattoo

Influence your friendly imagination with this exceptional and remarkable forearm tattoo.

Dragon Gemini Tattoos

Dragon Gemini Tattoo

Improve an inspired spirit with this pleasing and symbolic dragon wonder.

Rose Gemini Tattoos

Rose Gemini Tattoo

Compose your best image with this simple and symbolic rose specimen.

Cool Gemini Tattoos

Cool Gemini Tattoo

Unleash your brilliance with this wonderful and remarkable cool tattoo.

Creative Gemini Tattoos

Creative Gemini Tattoo

Apply an inspired artistic aspiration with this incredible and spectacular creative tattoo.

Twin Gemini Tattoos

Twin Gemini Tattoo

Unleash your enthusiasm by deciding to go with this beautiful twin beauty.

Angel Gemini Tattoos

Angel Gemini Tattoo

Heighten your fantasy by going with this cute and spectacular angel wonder.

Two Faced Gemini Tattoos

Twin-Faced Gemini Tattoo

Influence an inspired enthusiasm by deciding to go with this symbolic two faced tat.

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