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Meaningful Friendship Tattoo Ideas

Friendship tattoos, often called besty tats, symbolize a strong bond between best friends. Choosing a design with personal meaning, perhaps something representative of a shared activity, more strongly details a life journey together than a generic tat.

Friendship Tattoo

The yellow rose and the pear blossom are symbolic of friendship and are good choices for a friendship tattoo.

What is a symbol for friendship?

Friendship Tattoo

Alternatively, any symbol that captures the essence of best friends, such a shared passion or common interest, can be the perfect symbol of your friendship because they are meaningful to you personally.

Matching Friendship Tattoos

Matching Friendship Tattoos

Show your vision by choosing this enchanting matching wonder.

Small Friendship Tattoos

Small Friendship Tattoo

Apply your friendly mojo with this impressive and awesome small specimen.

Meaningful Friendship Tattoos

Meaningful Friendship Tattoo

Heighten your fantasy by going with this delightful meaningful body art.

Wrist Friendship Tattoos

Wrist Friendship Tattoo

Commit to an inspired creative thought with this amazing wrist art.

Which color means friendship?

Friendship Tattoo

Traditionally, yellow is the color symbolic of friendship. Yellow is also indicative of kindness and compassion which are excellent qualities often shared between true friends. You can't go wrong with a yellow friendship tat.

Simple Friendship Tattoos

Simple Friendship Tattoo

Fortify your image by considering this remarkable simple body art.

Cute Friendship Tattoos

Cute Friendship Tattoo

Focus your best vision while looking at this attractive and elegant cute beauty.

What does blue in friendship tattoos mean?

Friendship Tattoo

Individual colors have different meanings in tattoo design. Blue is symbolic of peace, hope and reliability. Brown signifies stability, comfort and loyalty. Green represents calm, natural and compassionate. Orange suggests happiness, joy and excitement while Pink is for affection, enthusiasm and youth.

Finger Friendship Tattoos

Finger Friendship Tattoo

Apply your creative thought with this unique finger idea.

Moon Friendship Tattoos

Friendship Moon Tattoo

Stimulate your creativity by exploring this gorgeous and fancy moon wonder.

Flower Friendship Tattoos

Flower Friendship Tattoo

Heighten your fantasy with this beautiful flower idea.

Heart Friendship Tattoos

Heart Friendship Tattoo

Focus your fantasy with this enchanting heart art.

Guy Friendship Tattoos

Friendship Tattoo For Men

Improve your artistic genius by considering this cool and appealing masterpiece for guys.

Music Friendship Tattoos

Music Friendship Tattoo

Reveal your friendly soul with this incredible and unique music tattoo.

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