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Flower Tattoo Ideas

Flowers most often symbolize beauty in floral tattoo designs. Additional meaning is derived from the flower type, color and location on the body and in the body art itself. Blooming roses, lotus flowers and peonies are three common types of flowers depicted in body art today.

Blooming Flower Tattoo

Here are some of my favorite flower tattoo examples.

Can guys get flower tattoos?

Flower Tattoo

Absolutely, yes, guys can(and do) get flower tattoos too. In fact, flower tattoos are popular in male designs all around the world and in some cultures flowers are considered more male than female in body art. The Lotus Blossom in China, for example, is more common on men.

Simple Flower Tattoos

Simple Flower Tattoo

Apply the soul with this fun and enchanting simple stick and poke.

Shoulder Flower Tattoos

Shoulder Flower Tattoo

Heighten your friendly vision by choosing this elegant shoulder beauty.

Arm Flower Tattoos

Arm Flower Tattoo

Show an inspired brilliance with this symbolic arm wonder.

Thigh Flower Tattoos

Thigh Flower Tattoo

Compliment your fantasy by deciding to go with this attractive thigh body art.

Small Flower Tattoos

Small Flower Tattoo

Immortalize the inspiration with this engaging and symbolic small wonder.

Forearm Flower Tattoos

Forearm Flower Tattoo

Immortalize your friendly dream by exploring this appealing forearm masterpiece.

Wrist Flower Tattoos

Wrist Flower Tattoo

Stimulate your inspiration by going with this pleasing and delightful wrist specimen.

Rose Flower Tattoos

Rose Flower Tattoo

Influence an inspired creative thought by considering this cool and unique rose masterpiece.

Back Flower Tattoos

Back Flower Tattoo

Guide your brilliance by choosing this spectacular back design.

Are flower tattoos with names popular?

Flower Tattoo

Yes, flower designs can enhance a name in a tattoo. In South America, the number of flowers is sometimes representative of the number of lovers a person has had or the number of children they've raised. As such, adding a name to each flower is common.

Do flower tattoos in black and white look good?

Flower Tattoo

Yes, flower tattoos featuring black and white ink often look stunning. The contrast between white and black is bold and strong, perfect for drawing attention to your design. When placed next to colored flowers these can be made to look unfinished, symbolic of a love ending too soon.

Watercolor Flower Tattoos

Watercolor Flower Tattoo

Balance an inspired brilliance while looking at this exceptional and attractive watercolor tat.

Half Sleeve Flower Tattoos

Half Sleeve Flower Tattoo

Direct your soul by considering this amazing half-sleeve specimen.

Tribal Flower Tattoos

Tribal Flower Tattoo

Balance your best fantasy with this enchanting tribal idea.

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