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Eagle Tattoo Ideas

The bald eagle tattoo is symbolic of wisdom, power and spirituality. The eagle is a popular body art design element because it flies closer to the heavens than any other bird. Modern eagle tats also represent fidelity and righteousness while older eagle designs had more literal meanings like that of vision and power.

Best Eagle Tattoo Award Winner

Here are some of the better eagle tatto examples.

Which tattoo Design ages the best ideologically?

Bald Eagle Tattoo

Trends come and go but some tattoo designs are eternal. The eagle tattoo ages extremely well due to being widely recognizable, it is America's official animal and often found in patriotic tattoos. The eagle is at the top of it's food chain.

Shoulder Eagle Tattoos

Eagle Tattoo

Reveal an inspired vision by considering this fancy shoulder body art.

Forearm Eagle Tattoos

Eagle Forearm Tattoo

Show the brilliance with this attractive forearm tat.

Back Eagle Tattoos

American Eagle Back Tattoo

Commit to your vision with this amazing back art.

Chest Eagle Tattoos

Eagle Wings on Chest Tattoo

Unleash the creative thought with this simple and delightful chest art.

What does an eagle tattoo say about a person?

American Eagle Tattoo

In America the eagle tattoo symbolizes love of country, however, the eagle is also recognized as meaning wisdom, grace and power in all regions of the planet. The eagle is believed to fly higher than any other bird and it has excellent vision making it a popular subject of tattoos.

Small Eagle Tattoos

Little Eagle Tattoo

Immortalize your best vision with this enjoyable and unique small tat.

Realistic Eagle Tattoos

Realistic Eagle Tattoo

Re-invent your friendly dream with this cool and attractive realistic wonder.

Simple Eagle Tattoos

Small Eagle Tattoo

Reveal your dream by going with this remarkable simple tat.

Geometric Eagle Tattoos

Eagle Tattoo

Fortify your best artistic genius by considering this fun and symbolic geometric design.

Which celebrities got eagle tattoos?

Old School Eagle and Snake Tattoo

Amy Winehouse had an eagle tattoo. Other celebrities sporting an eagle tattoo include Paris Jackson and Zoe Kravitz. Sammi Hanratty also had an eagle tattooed behind her right ear by artist Tim Hendricks, the eagle is universally popular, including among celebrities.

Tribal Eagle Tattoos

Tribal Eagle Arm Tattoo

Compliment your friendly soul with this provocative and delightful tribal body art.

American Eagle Tattoos

American Eagle Tattoo

Complete your friendly creative thought by deciding to go with this beautiful American stick and poke.

Flying Eagle Tattoos

Flying Eagle Tattoo

Commit to your mojo while looking at this simple and remarkable flying body art.

Watercolor Eagle Tattoos

Watercolor Eagle Tattoo

Direct your spirit with this enjoyable and appealing watercolor tat.

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