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Dragon Tattoo Ideas

In the Orient a dragon tattoo symbolizes strength, wisdom and mythical power. In Christian lore the dragon is a human eating, gold hoarding evil creature conquerable only by the most noble of knights. In both cultures the dragon is an exceedingly beautiful creature and popular in body art designs of all styles.

Temporary Dragon Tattoo

Once completed the dragon tattoo is a symbol of good luck and good fortune.

Are dragon tattoos good luck?

Dragon Head Tattoo on Chest

Completed dragon tattoos are universally believed to be good luck and warders of evil spirits. In Chinese culture it is considered unlucky to complete the eyes, the windows to the soul, of a dragon tattoo until the rest of the body is complete.

Simple Dragon Tattoos

Black Simple Dragon Tattoo

Improve your friendly mojo with this delightful simple design.

What does a black dragon mean?

Simple Black Dragon Tattoo

The dragon's color holds special meaning in Japanese culture. The Kai-Riu, or small red dragon, and Fuku Riu, the most popular dragon, are typically colored to enhance their meaning. Black is symbolic of wisdom and age while red symbolizes luck.

Shoulder Dragon Tattoos

Norse Shoulder Dragon Tattoo

Focus your groove by going with this fun and appealing shoulder tat.

Back Dragon Tattoos

Japanese Back Dragon Tattoo

Choose to show your friendly enthusiasm by considering this spectacular back stick and poke.

Forearm Dragon Tattoos

Dragon Forearm Tattoo

Apply your creativity by deciding to go with this remarkable forearm specimen.

What does the jade dragon tattoo mean?

Twin Dragon Tattoo Design

The Jade dragon in tattoos is symbolic of wisdom, strength, power, longevity and prosperity. It also represents the idea of heaven, the emperor's guardians and, in most Asian cultures, the Jade Dragon is ruler of all animals.

Japanese Dragon Tattoos

Traditional Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Fortify your imagination with this exceptional and symbolic Japanese art.

Small Dragon Tattoos

Small Temporary Dragon Tattoo

Re-invigor your best artistic genius by considering this amazing small tat.

Red Dragon Tattoos

Lucky Red Dragon Tattoo

Heighten your brilliance with this symbolic red dragon specimen.

Chest Dragon Tattoos

Chest and Shoulder Dragon Tattoo

Influence your best brilliance while looking at this simple and beautiful chest idea.

Thigh Dragon Tattoos

Dragon and Flower Thigh Tattoo

Reveal your best brilliance by considering this engaging and fancy thigh specimen.

Tribal Dragon Tattoos

Tribal Chest Dragon Tattoo

Show your inspiration by choosing this unique tribal beauty.

Traditional Dragon Tattoos

Traditional Dragon Tattoo

Seize your artistic aspiration by considering this gorgeous and elegant traditional tattoo.

Realistic Dragon Tattoos

Male Dragon Back Tattoo

Choose to show your fantasy while looking at this spectacular realistic wonder.

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