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Cross Tattoo Ideas

Cross tattoos are often representative of Christian devotion and faith but they have other potential meanings, such as expressing a memorial or even sentiments of religious disdain.

Thus, it depends on the context in which the cross is included into the body art design before meaning can be determined.

Triple Cross Tattoos

Still, the cross is a widely known symbol and it's meaning can be easily conveyed as you see in the images below.

What is a 'three cross' tattoo?

Cross Tattoo

Each of the three crosses in a three cross tattoo, sometimes referred to as a triple cross tattoo, represents a different aspect of God in the Christian faith. Those aspects are the father, the son and the holy spirit.

Alternatively, the largest cross in a three cross design is sometimes symbolic of the Lord's crucifixion and the smaller crosses represent each of the two thieves crucified with him.

Forearm Cross Tattoos

Arm Cross Tattoo

Reveal the soul with this pleasing and delightful forearm masterpiece.

Wrist Cross Tattoos

Simple Christian Tattoo

Grab an inspired creativity by deciding to go with this beautiful wrist specimen.

Arm Cross Tattoos

Cross in Tattoo

Stimulate your best creative thought by deciding to go with this attractive arm beauty.

Back Cross Tattoos

Blood Cross Tattoo on Back

Choose to show your best dream with this provocative and appealing back body art.

Small Cross Tattoos

Cross Tattoo on Finger

Balance your friendly spirit by exploring this delightful small tat.

Shoulder Cross Tattoos

Upper Arm Cross Tattoo

Balance the dream while looking at this cool and delightful shoulder stick and poke.

Chest Cross Tattoos

Chest Cross Tattoo

Direct the imagination while looking at this fun and amazing chest art.

Simple Cross Tattoos

Temporary Cross Tattoo

Commit to your artistic aspiration with this attractive simple tat.

What is a tribal cross tattoo?

Neck Cross Tattoo

A tribal cross tattoo is a hybrid cross design featuring exaggerated shapes and edges. Square corners are replaced with sharper, almost blade-like, patterns and additional background tribal elements create a backdrop for the cross itself.

Tribal Cross Tattoos

Tribal Back Tattoo Design

Direct your dream by exploring this delightful tribal tat.

Faith Cross Tattoos

Faith Cross Tattoo

Reveal your friendly mojo by going with this simple and beautiful faith body art.

What is a rosary cross tattoo?

Rosary Bead Cross Tattoo

A rosary cross tattoo depicts two major elements of Christianity, specifically the cross which is symbolic of God's crucifixion and the rosary beads which are a prayer aid. Combining these two elements into a single tattoo is symbolic of a wearer's religious beliefs.

Memorial Cross Tattoos

Memorial Cross Tattoo

Immortalize your friend with this incredible and amazing memorial specimen.

Unique Cross Tattoos

Christian Cross Tattoo

Improve your friendly dream by going with this beautiful unique stick and poke.

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