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Cool Tattoo Ideas

Originality is cool. To come up with a cool tattoo idea first understand why you want a tattoo. Know what it will represent, where on the body you want it inked and in which style you enjoy.

Research the idea, add a touch of personality, make its meaning your own and be flexible when talking to your tattoo artist.

Cool Chest Tattoo

Have a look at these cool body art designs for inspiration.

Mixed Style Cool Tattoos

Spiderman Tattoo

Ancient tribal tattoos are believed to have originated from the Malay Archipelago, especially in the Borneo and West Papua regions, over 5,000 years ago.

When did tribal tattoos become popular?

Cool Small Hand Tattoo

Tribal tattoo themes from Malaysian culture became popular, again, in the western world as recently as the late 1970s and early 80s when tattooists, hungry for new body art styles, reintroduced tribal themed body art to the mainstream population.

Many other cultures, such as the Samoan, Filipino, Inuit and Egyptian people, enjoyed their own tribal traditions in between.

Cool Forearm Tattoos

Cool Biomechanical Tattoo

Outline your brilliance by considering this beautiful forearm specimen.

Cool Wrist Tattoos

Cool Wrist Tattoos

Fortify your friendly brilliance by going with this exceptional and attractive wrist tattoo.

Cool Shoulder Tattoos

Male Upper Arm Tattoo

Unleash the image by choosing this appealing shoulder idea.

Cool Hand Tattoos

Cool 3D Tattoo

Guide the creativity with this delightful hand art.

Cool Tribal Tattoos

Cool Tribal Tattoo

Guide the creativity with this delightful tribal art.

Cool Sleeve Tattoos

Cool Sleeve Tattoo

Choose to show the brilliance by considering this exceptional and beautiful sleeve beauty.

Are there cool tattoos without meaning?

Cool Vanity Tattoo

Absolutely, modern tattoos worn purely for their aesthetic and artistic value are quite common. Typically, a wearer will simply enjoy a particular style or want to display their humorous nature when getting inked with designs having no deeper meaning.

Creative Cool Tattoos

Cool Creative Tattoo

Compose your friendly soul while looking at this spectacular creative tattoo.

Cool Rose Tattoos

Cool Shoulder Rose Tattoo

Direct your imagination by considering this amazing rose body art.

Why are tattoos cool?

Cool Tattoo Symbols

Tattoos are a cool form of self-expression because they reveal individual personality traits, are visible to others and require no explanation. When well implemented, tattoos tell a story or share a meaning or enhance the personal appeal of the wearer, which is always cool.

Cool Half-Sleeve Tattoos

Cool Half Sleeve Tattoo

Re-invigor your inspiration with this spectacular half-sleeve tat.

Cool Wolf and Tiger Tattoos

Cool Wolf Head Tattoo on Chest

Improve the vision with this exceptional and attractive wolf and tiger idea.

Cool Geometric Tattoos

Cool Geometric Fox Tattoo

Re-invent your friendly mojo with this enjoyable and unique generic tat.

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