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Chest Tattoo Ideas

Chest tattoos have personal meaning said to come straight from the heart. Traditionally, for men, a chest design is symbolic of strength, masculinity and conviction. Fewer women choose to wear a tattoo on their chest, however, female chest designs are often more decorative in meaning, used to enhance and showcase a beauty that already exists.

Chest Tattoos

Guide your inspiration with this breathtaking full size masterpiece.

Tribal Tattoos on Chest

Tribal Tattoo on Chest

Compose your inspirational harmony by going with this gorgeous and amazing tribal pattern.

Angel Chest Tattoos

Angel Chest Tattoo

Influence your artistic genius by going with this breathtaking angel art.

Unique Chest Tattoos

Unique Chest Tattoo

Reveal your personable groove by going with this sexy and elegant unique design.

Can chest tattoos look good on women?

Chest Tattoo

Yes, a chest tattoo on a woman can be incredibly attractive, especially if it enhances the wearers confidence. As you can see in these examples, the upper chest near the collar bone, the middle of the chest and the lower section covering the bottom ribs are most popular.

Small Chest Tattoos

Small Chest Tattoo

Decide to reveal your artistic genius by exploring how this cool and appealing small tattoo can work for you.

Which tattoo is best on the chest?

Simple Chest Tattoo

The best tattoo to ink on your chest is the one with the most personal meaning for you. Your chest is closest to your heart, which is symbolic of your love, ambition, experience and dreams, so reflect on your inner-self before tattooing your outer self. Chest tattoos with aesthetic appeal and little additional meaning are also perfectly acceptable if your goal is simply to enhance your sense of self worth.

Flower Chest Tattoos

Flower Chest Tattoo

Choose to show an inspired brilliance by going with this spectacular flower masterpiece.

Crown Chest Tattoos

Crown Chest Tattoo

Activate your artistic aspirations by exploring this pleasing and amazing crown design.

Butterfly Chest Tattoos

Butterfly Chest Tattoo

Outline your personal creativity by choosing this exceptional and spectacular butterfly body art.

Mandala Chest Tattoos

Mandala Chest Tattoo

Reveal your creativity by exploring how this delightful mandala stick and poke might look on you.

Chest Tattoos on Collarbone

Chest Tattoo on Collar Bone

Respect your groove while looking at this fun and awesome collarbone specimen.

Henna Chest Tattoos

Henna Chest Tattoo

Compliment your soul by considering this enjoyable and delightful Henna wonder.

Are necklace tattoos attractive?

Rose Chest Tattoo

Yes, a necklace tattoo caries with it all of the beauty found in traditional jewelry with the added benefit of being permanent. As with traditional jewelry, the necklace tattoo can be enhanced with a pendant of the wearers choice. Crosses, diamonds and roses are popular necklace tat pendants.

Traditional Chest Tattoos

Traditional Chest Tattoo

Commit your image by considering this sexy and attractive traditional idea.

Skull Chest Tattoos

Skull Chest Tattoo

Stimulate your inspiration while looking at this engaging and spectacular skull tattoo.

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