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Cat Tattoo Ideas

The cat tattoo is symbolic of shared human and feline personality traits, namely luck(lucky and unlucky), mystery, grace, inquisitiveness and playfulness.

Cat Tattoos

Variations of their meaning in body art design are often intended to express a love of cats, fear of cats or to memorialize a deceased pet.

Can I get a tattoo of my cat?

Cat Tattoo Ideas

Yes, bring a few pictures of your cat to your tattooist, and they will likely be able to ink your precious feline pet into your tattoo for eternity. Some tattoo artists specialize in realism but art is interpretive, some tattooists are better than others at capturing your cat as you see them. Ask for references.

Simple Cat Tattoos

Temporary Cat Tattoo

Complete your friendly mojo with this unique simple design.

What does a black cat tattoo mean?

Minimalist Cat Tattoo

Black cats in modern tattoos are sometimes symbolic of superstitious beliefs, often of bad luck. This stems from the black cat's history as a symbol in occult and witchcraft lore where black cats were said to be 'familiars', beings associated with evil.

Small Cat Tattoos

Cat Tattoo

Improve your best artistic aspiration with this unique small tat.

Watercolor Cat Tattoos

Colored Cat Tattoo

Apply your inspiration with this cute and delightful watercolor tat.

What do cat ear tattoos mean?

Cat Tattoo Design

When a cat is fixed, spade or neutered, a process sometimes referred to as being desexed, a small mark or 'tattoo' is placed in the cat's left ear to indicate the procedure has been performed.

Cute Cat Tattoos

Cute Cat Tattoo

Immortalize your best enthusiasm by considering this delightful cute tat.

Silhouette Cat Tattoos

Cat Tattoo Outline

Improve the brilliance by going with this simple and beautiful silhouette specimen.

Egyptian Cat Tattoos

Egyptian Cat Tattoo

Reveal your best artistic aspiration by deciding to go with this attractive Egyptian specimen.

Traditional Cat Tattoos

Cat Portrait Tattoo

Fortify your best spirit while looking at this fun and spectacular traditional wonder.

Mandala Cat Tattoos

Mandala Cat Tattoo

Guide the dream by exploring this pleasing and awesome Mandala wonder.

Tribal Cat Tattoos

Tribal Cat Tattoo

Activate your best creative thought with this sexy and awesome tribal design.

Pawprint Cat Tattoos

Temporary Paws Tattoo

Focus your friendly spirit with this beautiful pawprint body art.

Abstract Cat Tattoos

Yin Yang Cat Tattoo

Heighten your fantasy with this fancy abstract beauty.

Sleeping Cat Tattoos

Minimalist Sleeping Cat Tattoo

Focus your vision by exploring this provocative and elegant sleeping idea.

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