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Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Butterfly tattoos are symbolic of transformation, beauty and freedom. The butterfly undergoes an extreme transformation during its lifespan and its depiction in body art often means that its wearer has undergone life changes and matured over time. Other meanings include hope, endurance and life.

Small Blue Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

Whether it's a change you have already achieved or a change you are working towards, the butterfly represents a person's innate desire to break free of their burdens and drift away, happy and free.

Why are butterfly tattoos popular?

Butterfly Tattoo Design

Butterfly tattoos are popular because of their colorful beauty and relatable meaning. Someone who associates their personality to that of a butterfly is said to have grown up, matured, or blossomed from their previous selves. Butterfly tattoo symbolism is very positive.

Simple Butterfly Tattoos

Simple Butterfly Tattoo

There's so much more to butterflies than just pretty colors (though they have that too). They are strong, resilient little creatures, with a whole heap of spiritual symbolism throughout various cultures and religions. That's why they are a perfect choice for tattoos.

Outline your best image with this fun and unique simple tattoo idea.

Small Butterfly Tattoos

Small Butterfly Tattoo

butterflies represent freedom: the image of a butterfly soaring in a cloudless sky is a perfect encapsulation of a free-spirited, unconstrained lifestyle.

Start your enthusiasm while looking at this enchanting small beauty.

Ankle Butterfly Tattoos

Ankle Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are also a symbol of renewal and rejuvenation- that's why a butterfly tattoo is a great way to encapsulate a major positive change in your life, or to symbolize the adversity you have overcome.

Influence your mojo by exploring this engaging and remarkable ankle stick and poke.

What does a butterfly tattoo mean on a man?

3D Butterfly Tattoo

Besides being beautiful on everyone, the butterfly tattoo on a man has hidden meanings of love and romance believed to have originated in ancient Greece. In Greek culture the butterfly and rose have similar symbolic meanings and both are well represented in Greek body art.

Tribal Butterfly Tattoos

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

Immortalize an inspired image by choosing this appealing tribal body art.

Butterfly Tattoo Outlines

Butterfly Tattoo Outline

Essentially, a butterfly tattoo is a perfect celebration of the sheer joy and wonderment of being alive. Improve your creative thought with this attractive and attractive outline design.

Purple Butterfly Tattoos

Purple Butterfly Tattoo

Direct your friendly creative thought with this awesome purple body art.

Which celebrities have butterfly tattoos?

Minimalist Butterfly Tattoo

Halsey, Noah Cyrus, Mariah Carey and Drew Barrymore are some of the many celebrities who have been inked with a butterfly tattoo. Some celebrities, like Queen Latifah, have more than one butterfly tattoo because of their significance and beauty.

Unique Butterfly Tattoos

Temporary Butterfly Tattoo

Influence your groove with this enchanting unique art.

Watercolor Butterfly Tattoos

Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo

Decide to reveal your enthusiasm by exploring this spectacular watercolor beauty.

Hand Butterfly Tattoos

Hand Butterfly Tattoo

Start your groove by considering this gorgeous and spectacular hand specimen.

Flying Butterfly Tattoos

Flying Butterfly Tattoo

Start your artistic aspiration while looking at this attractive and attractive flying wonder.

Cute Butterfly Tattoos

Cute Butterfly Tattoo

Activate your creative thought by exploring this symbolic cute specimen.

Rose and Butterfly Tattoos

Rose Butterfly Tattoo

Complete your friendly vision while looking at this impressive and beautiful rose tat.

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