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Bear Tattoo Ideas

Bear tattoos are symbolic of raw power and unyielding motherly love. Besides strength and family their meanings also include courage, vitality and health.

Bear Tattoo

Crossing paths with a ferocious and determined bear is depicted as a test of bravery in old Norse folklore.

what do bear paw tattoos mean?

Bear Tattoo

The bear paw tattoo is symbolic of a determined attitude, often competitive in nature, and is an expression of resourcefulness. Bear paw tattoos are also worn as a symbol of good luck and protection. The bear is a fearsome and respected animal.

What goes with a bear tattoo?

Bear Tattoo

Common additional design elements of bear tattoos include mountains and forests, their natural home and roaming area. Trees and flowers are also quite common in bear tattoo designs. Berry bushes can add a natural touch of color to bear designs, bears love berries.

Forearm Bear Tattoos

Forearm Bear Tattoo

Decide to reveal an inspired soul by deciding to go with this enjoyable and attractive forearm masterpiece.

Simple Bear Tattoos

Simple Bear Tattoo

Seize your vision while looking at this amazing simple tattoo.

Small Bear Tattoos

Small Bear Tattoo

Re-invent your vision with this appealing small tattoo.

Traditional Bear Tattoos

Traditional Bear Tattoo

Compose an inspired artistic aspiration with this provocative and delightful traditional tat.

Can women wear bear tattoos too?

Bear Tattoo

Yes, the bear tattoo is a unisex design in meaning and beauty. Female bears are quite fearsome, especially when their motherly protective instincts are displayed, making the bear well suited for body artwork.

Tribal Bear Tattoos

Tribal Bear Tattoo

Start the image by deciding to go with this awesome tribal wonder.

Cute Bear Tattoos

Cute Bear Tattoo

Stimulate your best soul with this impressive and appealing cute design.

More Simple Bear Tattoos

Simple Bear Tattoo

Guide your image by exploring this enjoyable and attractive simple art.

Minimalist Bear Tattoos

Minimalist Bear Tattoo

Stimulate your soul by exploring this exceptional and spectacular minimalist specimen.

Mountain Bear Tattoos

Mountain Bear Tattoo

Compliment your groove by going with this gorgeous and remarkable mountain tattoo.

Outline Bear Tattoos

Bear Tattoo Outline

Complete an inspired imagination with this delightful outline masterpiece.

Half Sleeve Bear Tattoos

Half Sleeve Bear Tattoo

Apply the inspiration by considering this spectacular sleeve tat.

Watercolor Bear Tattoos

Watercolor Bear Tattoo

Seize your artistic aspiration by choosing this elegant watercolor masterpiece.

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