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Back Tattoo Ideas

The back is the body's largest relatively flat canvas and tattoo designs on it have room to express more meaning. A large tattoo can symbolize many ideas at once making the back an ideal location for larger and more intricate body art.

Back Tattoo

This collection represents a slice of the best recent tattoo artwork.

Will a back tattoo stretch?

Back Tattoo on a Man

If skin stretches over time any tattoo on it will stretch as well. The back tattoo, however, is unlikely to stretch because the back is typically not an area of the body that expands with minimal or even moderate weight gain.

Small Back Tattoos

Mens upper Back Tattoo

Unleash your friendly inspiration by considering this impressive and spectacular small tattoo.

Angel Back Tattoos

Angel Back Tattoo

Guide your enthusiasm with this impressive and unique angel art.

Dragon Back Tattoos

Dragon Full Back Tattoo

Complete your soul with this delightful dragon wonder.

What can a woman wear while getting a back tattoo?

Geometric Back Tattoo

There are several options to help maintain privacy while getting a back tattoo. A swimsuit top with strings worn underneath regular clothing can let a tattooist access only as much skin as they need for your back design. Other options include wearing a paper gown with a back opening or wearing a strapless top.

Simple Back Tattoos

Classy Woman's Back Tattoo

Balance your best soul by deciding to go with this exceptional and unique simple idea.

How much does a back tattoo cost?

Full Back Tattoo

The back is the largest mostly flat tattoo canvas on the body and, as such, a full intricate back design will typically cost well over $1000 U.S. Small back tattoos start at $150-$300 and a medium design will cost somewhere between these ranges.

Unique Back Tattoos

Back Tattoo Design

Activate your best mojo with this provocative and spectacular unique idea.

Tribal Back Tattoos

Tribal Back Tattoo for Guys

Improve your creative thought by choosing this symbolic tribal beauty.

Japanese Back Tattoos

Asian Back Tattoo

Direct your vision with this delightful Japanese stick and poke.

Floral Back Tattoos

Temporary Back Tattoo

Seize the mojo with this elegant flower design.

Mandala Back Tattoos

Mandala Back Tattoo

Reveal your imagination by exploring this attractive and delightful Mandala tat.

Cute Back Tattoos

Motherly Elephant Back Tattoo

Re-invent your soul with this delightful cute tattoo.

Skull Back Tattoos

Skull Back Tattoo

Balance your imagination with this beautiful small masterpiece.

Henna Back Tattoos

Mehndi Henna Back Tattoo

Reveal your friendly artistic genius by exploring this gorgeous and fancy Henna beauty.

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