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Arm Tattoo Designs

Tattoos on the arms often signify memories, loyalty or luck. Sailors popularized arm tats with figures of their exploits(luck and memories) and naval designs(loyalty).

Arm Tattoo Designs

The arm is also a popular location to display ink representing inner emotions, qualities and traits.

which arm is best for a sleeve tattoo?

Woman on Arm Tattoo

If you plan to get a full sleeve arm tattoo, having it inked on the non-dominant arm is advisable. This way soreness and/or possible infection will not hinder the use of the dominant arm. Also, if you sleep on your side, consider which side you sleep on.

Small Arm Tattoos

Small Mens Tattoo

Guide an inspired mojo by choosing this fancy small beauty.

How much does an arm sleeve tattoo cost?

Sleeve Tattoo Armor

The full sleeve arm tattoo will require several studio sessions for your tattooist to complete. Expect to pay between $1000 to $4000 on average depending on number of sessions required, skill level and demand for the tattooist's time and complexity of the design. Some cost much more, most require a deposit and tipping is a great idea.

Rose Arm Tattoos

Black Roses Tattoo

Re-invent an inspired image with this incredible and symbolic rose tat.

Simple Arm Tattoos

Geometric Arrow Arm Tattoo

Compose your dream by deciding to go with this provocative and delightful simple tattoo.

Flower Arm Tattoos

Shoulder Rose Tattoo

Compose an inspired image with this elegant flower design.

Tribal Arm Tattoos

Samoan Arm Tattoo

Re-invent your friendly soul with this cute and appealing tribal specimen. My favorite part is the sun always shining on the shoulder.

Will an arm tattoo stretch?

Unique Half Sleeve Tattoo

If the skin a tattoo is inked on stretches then an arm tattoo on it will stretch as well. Minor tattoo stretching is often impossible to detect but major stretching can cause distortion of the tattoo. Comparably, skin shrinking can cause tattoo distortion and wrinkles to form in the design.

Mandala Arm Tattoos

Mandala Forearm Tattoo

Influence your best mojo with this engaging and remarkable Mandala wonder.

Skull Arm Tattoos

Arm Tattoo on a Man

Re-invent your dream while looking at this enchanting skull idea.

Cool Arm Tattoos

Arm Tattoo for Men

Guide the vision with this attractive and awesome cool masterpiece.

Dragon Arm Tattoos

Best Female Arm Tattoo

Re-invent your creativity by considering this simple and awesome dragon body art.

Angel Arm Tattoos

Guardian Angel Tattoo

Heighten an inspired creative thought by choosing this cute and amazing angel design.

Tree Arm Tattoos

Temp Forearm Tattoo

Immortalize an inspired spirit with this remarkable tree body art.

Wolf Arm Tattoos

Wolf Arm Tattoo

Complete your artistic genius by going with this symbolic wolf masterpiece.

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