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Ankle Tattoo Designs

By: TatFan.

Body art depicting flowers, hearts and cute symbols are often placed on the ankle to symbolize beauty, friendship and love. Ankles can be less painful to ink than some other popular body locations and designs can be displayed easily making ankles a popular place for a tat.

Ankle Rose Design

All tattoos fade over time, however, the ankle tattoo tends to last longer than tattoos on other body parts.

Will an ankle tattoo fade?

Ankle Small Flower Tattoo

This is because, when wearing pants and socks, they are less exposed to sunlight and UV rays. Tattoos on the wrist, for example, fade more quickly.

Small Ankle Tattoos

Cute Ankle Tattoo

Decide to reveal your soul by deciding to go with this elegant small body art.

Flower Ankle Tattoos

Simple Flower Ankle Tattoo

Complete your fantasy by deciding to go with this attractive and beautiful flower masterpiece.

Rose Ankle Tattoos

Flower Ankle Tattoo

Complete your vision while looking at this provocative and amazing rose idea.

Simple Ankle Tattoos

Ankle Tattoo

Outline an inspired creativity by going with this awesome simple art.

Butterfly Ankle Tattoos

Feminine Butterfly Ankle Tattoo

Reveal your best mojo with this cute and delightful butterfly stick and poke.

Can I wear socks over an ankle tattoo?

Simple Mandala Foot Tattoo

Yes, wearing socks over a fully healed ankle tattoo is perfectly fine, just make sure they are clean and dry. Anything moist that remains in contact with the skin long enough will cause skin cells to shed and regenerate which can cause fading over time.

Do ankle tattoos hurt more than wrist tattoos?

Tattoo Around Ankle

Yes, the process of having your ankle tattooed is likely to be more uncomfortable than having your wrist inked. Wherever the skin is thinnest is where it's likely to hurt more and the ankle bone is very near the skin. A tattoo slightly higher up on the leg will usually hurt less to apply.

Unique Ankle Tattoos

Back of Ankles Tattoo

Complete your friendly spirit with this unique art.

Bracelet Ankle Tattoos

Foot Tattoo

Choose to show your best mojo by deciding to go with this fun and attractive bracelet tattoo.

Cute Ankle Tattoos

Ankle Panda Tattoo

Choose to show an inspired spirit by choosing this remarkable cute body art.

Lotus Ankle Tattoos

Unalome Ankle Tattoo

Unleash your inspiration with this enjoyable and beautiful lotus tattoo.

Tribal Ankle Tattoos

Male Ankle Tattoo

Show your friendly creativity by deciding to go with this awesome tribal specimen.

Henna Ankle Tattoos

Henna Style Ankle Tattoo

Fortify your image by choosing this exceptional and enchanting Henna design.

Feather Ankle Tattoos

Unique Feather Ankle Tattoo

Improve your spirit with this provocative and elegant feather and owl eye beauty.

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