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Angel Wing Tattoo Designs

Angel wing tattoos are a meaningful design choice when looking for a tattoo that symbolizes freedom, protection, and spirituality.

The angel wing tattoo designs below are inspired by the wings of angels. They can be designed in a variety of styles and sizes, ranging from small and simple to large and intricate.

My favorite locations for angel wing tattoos is on the back, where the wings can be spread out and fully displayed.

The design of angel wing tattoos can be quite diverse, you can go for a realistic depiction of wings, or opt for more abstract or stylized designs.

You can also incorporate other elements into your angel wing tattoo, such as flowers, names, or meaningful quotes.

The symbolism of angel wing tattoos is subject to interpretation, but generally, they are associated with the idea of freedom, protection, and guidance.

An angel wing tattoo can be a way to honor a loved one who has passed away, or a reminder of your own personal faith and spirituality.

Shoulder Angel Wings  Tattoo

What does a single wing tattoo mean?

Tattoo Wing One Side

Popularized by the Greek mythological being Icarus, the single wing tattoo is typically worn on the outer calf and is symbolic of freedom and speed. Icarus was given wings made with wax which melted when he flew too close to the sun and one of his wings fell off.

Small Angel Wing Tattoos

Small Angel Wrist Tattoo

Grab your friendly creative thought with this wonderful and enchanting small tat.

Back Angel Wing Tattoos

Wings Tattoo on Girls Back

Direct your best image with this fancy back body art.

Wrist Angel Wing Tattoos

Small Female Angel Wing Tattoo

Decide to reveal your artistic genius by deciding to go with this impressive and remarkable wrist stick and poke.

Arm Angel Wing Tattoos

Angel Wing Tattoo on Hand

Stimulate your dream by choosing this fun and awesome arm idea.

Shoulder Angel Wing Tattoos

Feather Wing Tattoo

Reveal your friendly creative thought by exploring this remarkable shoulder tat.

Simple Angel Wing Tattoos

Simple Angel Wings Tattoo

Show the groove with this enjoyable and symbolic simple art.

Forearm Angel Wing Tattoos

Roman Numeral on Wing Tattoo

Influence your vision by considering this delightful forearm tat.

Chest Angel Wing Tattoos

Angel Prayer Hands Tattoo

Grab your enthusiasm with this attractive chest masterpiece.

What does a heart in a wing tattoo mean?

3D Angel Wing Tattoo

The winged heart tattoo is often symbolic of a free spirit and can be used to represent the loss of a loved one. It also is a visual depiction of the saying "follow your heart" and reminder of the song titled "Love will set you free".

Tribal Angel Wing Tattoos

Tribal Angel Wing Tattoo

Choose to show an inspired creative thought by choosing this beautiful tribal body art.

Cute Angel Wing Tattoos

Small Icarus Wing Tattoo

Direct your best groove by considering this impressive and amazingly cute art.

Can a woman wear an Angel Wing Tattoo?

Angel Wing Tattoo

The angel wing tattoo is actually quite popular among women for its beauty and meaning, it is a unisex design suitable to be worn by anyone. Life sized wings across the back and sleeve size wings on the upper arm are common.

Watercolor Angel Wing Tattoos

Watercolor Angel Wing Tattoo

Unleash your dream by deciding to go with this spectacular watercolor design.

Memorial Angel Wing Tattoos

Angel Wing Memorial Tattoo

Apply your vision by going with a beautiful memorial wonder.

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